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Regan Central

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2012

     And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring Regan Central Whitehead 

Starring:  Phearson Mcphearson and Regan Central , Herenton Egan Lowed, Roman Neal Oneal, and Celeste Nicole, South Lee and  Cupid Muzit,  North Lee and Nefeterri, Est Wes Anderson and Madison Loraine Cliffton 

 The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

Unto Bradford Clifton Whitehead and Teresa Niki Board was born their first son South Lee Whitehead, their second North Lee whitehead, their third son Est Wes Anderson and a daughter Regan Central Whitehead

Unto South Lee Whitehead and Cupid Muzit Leone  was born their first son Patrick Nielson Whitehead, a second son Leonardo Maximus and a third son Michelangelo Decius Leone    

Unto North Lee whitehead and Neferteri Niyet Cronsom  was born their first son Clarington Joshua Whitehead, a second son Madison Jacob whitehead, a daughter  Telicity Zion Whitehead     

Unto Est Wes Anderson and Madison Loraine Cliffton was born a daughter Saffron Mason Whitehead,  a daughter Nicolette Tre nice Whitehead  and a son River Phoenix Cliffton

Unto Phearson Mycal McPhearson and Regan Central Whitehead and  was born their first son Herenton Egan Lowd III, McPhearson, their second son, Tyson Dimitri Mcphearson and a son Skylar Mycal McPhearson and a daughter, Brandy Eriel Whitehead  

Unto Braxton David Cocheron and Ceistan Joel Cooper was born their first triplet son  Noah Lake Cocheron, Enoch Creston Cockeron and Nicolatian Rigel Cockeron and a single son Crewson Nichel Cooper  

Unto Cayden Matthew Cockeron and Rosslyn Beniece Joseph  was born their twin sons Castor Troy Cockeron, and Daughter Casper Amirah Cockeron, and a single daughter Annalise Micolete Jospeh   

Unto Kraiser Michael Cockeron and Canian Alisa Turbin was born their first son Michael Erian Cockeron, a son Ein Angelo Cockeron, a son Braxton Efren Joseph   

Unto Creighton Phillip Moore and Cassia Ariel Novac  was born their first son Kiefer Dustin Cockeron, a son Hennington Patrick Cockeron,  and a son Huntington Ericks Cockeron

Unto  Caleb Vindrick Steele and Natalie Reese Samson their first son Athens Erin Steele, a daughter Willow Nicolette Steele, and a son Atheos Buenos Samson

                                   You Just entered the African Juttah 2020

                                                      Regan Central

                                          By: P. A. Bradford, Apostle

                                                   Wr. 1992-1996

                           ...Then Job Answered The Lord And Said…
                                                 Scene I

     "She's in here writing a love letter to her supposedly Phearson, my last if it's any of your business, she says it's her last" looking disconcertedly at Roman Neal at flopping onto Regan's bed, strong arms under his head, crossing his long legs relaxing, stretching therein, to all the more taunt her. "I told you Rig, even swore I wouldn't tell Henry but don't you think this is getting out of hand? That is Roman exactly what I think" with a picture of him sitting behind his news desk fixed in her head there was no argument with either of them "and why I'm telling him this will be my last time writing him. You're serious?" Springing into elbows a disbelieving sort, "you're not just fooling? I’m going to marry Henry, attend school here in Richmond and as he would say, live happily ever after. I assume Rig you've told Henry all of this? We have that Beltlezzar Ball tonight, I will secure this fate concerning us then Rome, just as promised. So," as one turning from sending said message at truly making up her mind, "what have you two been up to? You really think Andy is gonna do it? You think he's to leave the Coogan firm to here? I hope not, that would mean he's to forsake Maddy, Maddy is the best thing happening to him. So you Rig can decide that for Andy but Rome and I can't decide that for you? I said it's Henry's way, what else do you guys want from me? We want you Rig to be happy", as one raised into a better awareness of Regan Central quite stunning, "and what make you Celeste think I'm not happy? Probably because you're so relatively arrogant about this whole thing. I know Rome and I stay on you a lot about this but it’s clear Rig you're very undecided about it, even about Henry. It's nothing," breaking apart this ball at shaking her thick strands into a spill along her cheeks, her neck, giving her head a break. "Come on Regan Central you can tell me, I would be dishonest Celeste if I'm not to tell you I'm hoping for a knight, one decked in the shimmering armor of the supreme to come and save me out of this fix. This fix? Well isn’t his name Herenton Egan Lowd? So what did you tell him, this Phearson? I told him goodbye, that my infatuations concerning him was, but you're to imagine he's the knight, right, that Phearson is? What if you're entirely wrong about him? What Celeste if I'm not? It doesn't matter now" fanning her off distastefully, did those prying sentiments spill themselves as willed at her fixing her a relaxing bubble bath. "I'm through with it, may the supreme have mercy and help me find my heart's desire in Herenton, now Celeste I'm going to take a hot bath, fix me a snack, something to drink, you want something? No, I'll just come with you, let nod head over there sleep, nod head will have whatever you guys are having, you know I hate that, you playing sleep, I so hate that, well I love you Celeste, I so love you so much, now feed me!”

My Dearest Phearson

     -I'm just getting home and you my lost love is the first thing on my mind, what number letter am I this week I wonder? Come on, don't be so modest, I know millions of women and I'm sure men write you. How this is possibly my one thousandth letter to Phearson McPhearson the nation’s most sort after news anchor. Sadly this will also be my last, on to appointments, assignments and mother-hood I assume.
     -Herenton has repeatedly ask me for a date and it is this very night I'm to give him just that. It has been so great talking to you, so fantastic sharing with you and finding in you a distant conscience, a figment Phearson if you will of my unpronounced self. I really think Phearson this is the hardest thing I'm to do, in you, in writing you all these years I've been able to express, to hold on to my truest identity.

      -It's like been born naked unto the entire world and all they're to say is, it's a human being. How all my faults are laid open, all my closets. Then the most important thing of all, that in which I desire right into my inner most heart, things truly hidden to Herenton or else marrying me would be his least likely past time, if you know what I mean.

     -You have a wedding of your own to get to, my god it could be her reading this letter and not you. I watched as you introduced her live to the masses tuned in, she's quite beautiful, I hope for you she's as cleavable as she is beautiful, we need that you know. To be cleaved to, to have someone to cleave our desperate, most fragile selves to, I like to think Phearson we're born married and the cleavage is the unspeakable reunion so eternal.

     -I can't tell you how silly I've felt being this dedicated to someone who in all these years haven't sent me anything as insignificant as a post card. I know, you didn't ask for any of this right, I'm just a groupie in love, what else is new? I guess it is here I'm supposed to wish you all the best and hope nothing but safety, peace, joy and ah yes cleavage for my lost love. Until we meet, I will love, you are this love, Regan Central Whitehead.

     -Having read this letter for the tenth time was Phearson McPhearson just as soon feeling a commanding relaxation all over and through. Reaching to cut off his nightlight, relaxing, yawning and closing his eyes did he lay said letter across his bold, bare breast at realizing Regan Central, his immortal love was as commanding and as unpredictable as he himself.  How regardless of how impossible it all was, he would find her, and that was that. 

                                 ...I know That Thou Canst Do Everything...
                                                ...Regan Central II...

     "So, So what?" Did an obnoxious Regan Central meet Celestera's nipping inquiry with seasonable smugness at getting about her business. "We're to marry in three weeks, the Grater Temple, you're to announce the Juttah vows? Herenton doesn't believe in the Juttah vows, I have a missing book, but you know that as well as I, but you believe in them, apparently Celeste that isn't to matter. You're angry with him," as one getting in her way astonishingly, that she's to be her most honest. "You're angry with the supreme, you think this is his fought? What I think Celeste is he's possibly not to know my heart's desire," making an additional choice of tote as the one at present wasn't sizeable enough, "or he's not to care, he's Regan all knowing and all loving and most of all he's acquainted with us, comprehending us even, you won't be married to a sameness, to Rig your matrimonial identity with a person who doesn't believe as deeply as you, I’m sorry Celeste, who are you right now? I will marry Henry," grabbing her favorite sweater unto her preferred book from her nightstand, did she have much catching up, ridding these interview jitters. "It is what mother and father expect, it's what my brothers, what about Phearson Rig?" Looking with her into that weary reflection barely catching the attending mirror were their glances simultaneous. Regan Central unlike her brothers had long, thick but flowing, straighten sandy brown strands, those cascading across her shoulders, down her back. Did she as well have a smooth, pinkish completion accented by ocean blue eyes, an artist frame face, high-lights, as well this very attractive young lady, with an equally attractive figure complimenting.  "You know you’re really beginning to confuse me, I thought you’d Celeste picked one, I thought that one was Henry, my Christ girl! Unlike Celestera Noel who was her best friend since high school and now her roommate, was she instead a beautiful, tall, slender, Nubian princess. One now not so certain of the marriage she'd persuaded for years her best friend into. "Suppose by some miracle, that divine intervention Regan he's to come to you, this knight of the Supreme you imagined. Suppose he's, suppose! Suppose!-Suppose Celeste? Can't you see that is not what I need from you right now, I need absolution, like you I want my husband Celeste," as one roughly handing a now speechless Celeste a comb, a brush, "I want him cleaving to me and never, ever letting go," as so some pins wanting her to style her hair into a ball. "I want to be more desired and humanly valuable to him than any great treasure imagined, and you really think Regan you're to get those unspeakable things from Henry? You will be miserable, more miserable than you are at present, you think you're to punish the Supreme, this form of abstinence you think he's to have against your heart's desire? Please don't be swindled by this inflexibility of yours" turning her, fitting her, deciding she would assist Regan Central with her hair by adding a little twist of something here and there. "Don't make Henry and yourself suffer because of it, heck Regan even he who from the beginning is thy original soul and blood mate, wait on Him, believe to receive. And what if these things so urgent to me is far from him?" Sweeping her spilling eyes one by one along her cheeks, her neck, was her friend's advice more and more the paradox.  "I mean aren't you the same one Celeste persuading me unendingly Henry is the one? What is faith Regan but a patient, quite demanding waiting on the Lord Christ, belief in him? Even in things in our heart, to our hearts so precious, life-sustaining. You really Celeste believe he will come although he has never responded to one of my letters? I believe it's possible, but even if Phearson is harden concerning said things Regan you're not to marry so undividedly, necessarily. Anyway you are precious to Phearson McPhearson I can just feel it, he will not even now forsake you. What you mean if Phearson is obedient? I mean my mother often told us a lot of what we think is the supreme disappointing us is actually disobedient man in-adequately satisfying the supreme, how it's the true lesson we're to learn from the book of Malachi. How said noncompliance, setbacks affect even the lest of us, breaking Rig and invading us, even our heart. What if said waiting on him is a more bitter-some, drooling past-time? At least you would've done your best, your bravest Rig and as some would say instead of punking out. Will you Celeste be this equally supportive even if it's to oppose Rome? I mean sometimes it's like you're two people, one I need you to be and with Rome Celeste one you have to be. This isn't about Rome, Rome and I were completely wrong if we're to convince you at marrying not your heart-throb but your heart break, he'll come around." As those finally prepared unto that pressing appointment at turning Regan Central, showing her hairstyle as this expert trend. "And if not who Regan is to live your life besides you? You're always to remember you're waiting on the same supreme who may not come when you want, who may not come on time, but when he come, yeah Celeste I remember, all power is in his hand, now go and win Ken and King over."

                    …And That No Thought Can Be With Holden From Thee…

                                                     Regan III

      "My friends call me Phearce" did a towering, wholly sumptuous Phearson McPhearson at an array of onlookers manage inconceivably at finding a though disgruntled an impressed Regan Central. "How did you do that? I mean how did you find me here of all places? Surely Regan you didn't think it would be that easy," all the better comforting himself, were the entire studio of them mightily astonished with eavesdropping, gossip and whispers. "That I would let you say goodbye without facing me directly? If you indeed read the letter, I take it Regan this isn't what you wanted, that I'm to find you, persuade you I'm the one and none other? If you read, look at me Regan," leaning into a clearer comprehension of her, that for person to person clarity handling her stubborn chin into direct attention. "I've come all this way at least you're talk to, if you Mr. McPhearson read the letter you're to know how impossible it's writing. You think my lord saying goodbye in person will be all the more easy? I won't believe this" a quick swap at her cheek, into tightly fold arms away, at odds of this unbelievable circumstance. "You thought Regan those extraordinary letters of yours no doubt fell on deaf ears? Or my lord like millions of others, a deaf dumpster, tell me Regan about this cleavage" proving he's trustworthy enough at not only reading but exacting said interest in her writing. "Please, I imagine it is first humility illogical, that it is second my lord an inexpressible, literally unutterable relinquishment and, and third Regan, submission, this beyond comprehension romance of it. It's Regan being lost in another that is miraculously your most failed but celebrated self, not only being in love, but recreating love, right? Now why again are you here? You're crossed with me, I don't believe you, I don't believe any of this. This Mr. McPhearson like you've been for the last three years is a figment of my imagination, that the more I disbelieve you, this agonizing fact looter you'll fade away. You Regan not only despise me but you're to punish me? I'm to leave you," displaying herself even more nasty did she spring up, her coat, her purse to her shoulder, suitcase in an additional hand. "Good day Mr., sit, sit Regan Central or I'll make more of a terrible scene, I apologize, please Regan, I apologize, you apologize, apologize Mr. McPhearson for what? For being so contrary and ignoring you all these years, now please, ok look, everyone Regan like you said write. They write this impression of which you speak, this mental invention, this expert illusion, although when you write I not only know you, I know myself. I know to be truly happy, to be at a manner of true peace, joy, I must be honest with myself, with you. I guess what I'm trying to say is you got my attention, I'm Regan in love with you and it is there I want to remain for as long as I breath. Although as you know so much is against it, I'm not free, boy, you're so right," as one studying long into the promises of love and commitment she'd made Herenton only days prior, "I so know, I'm Regan as a little boy blue, lost and confused, listless. "Yes," close enough to glance the traffic her high rise office, all those below going to and fro, traffic and all. "I know all too well. I'm often Regan persuaded of this place of escape and none but her cleaving to me like I'm her own blood and flesh is finding me, pleasuring me, you Regan, is that a dream? One my lord made to come true I assure you, they worry me often," coming close, a fold of his expert finders, mesmerized that they actually touched one other, how heart dissolving. "All around are just these faith looters and to escape I wrap myself in the pleasure of your words and soon it's there, only there Regan Central I find a recourse so sweet, often times even an unspeakable yet bearable calm, how could I let that get away, you know? "Yes," taking his free hand, plaiting her fingers, binding them as one in agreement Phearson McPhearson, again a darling man, "I know, is this really happening, is Phearson McPhearson here with me, these kissable eyes of his, this touchable, edible mouth, breath, this heart to heart conversation, it's all so unspeakable, perhaps Regan even god-sent? Then what about Regan Central, who is such an amazing doll herself, these incredible flaxen eyes of hers, this deserved to be nursed, kissed mouth, tongue, and this silky, red hair I love to have rest in my breast, those, and you the most popular, sort after bachelor of meteorology. Which remind me Regan," as one backing out, breaking off, again into his sit, as so she hers, it was so obvious they had the hots for one another and needed to cool off. "I was off to Germany for a year just now, it is to be Lorna's and my honeymoon, a working celebratory if you will. Will you Regan wait for me? Wait that you're for a year to have a wife and a honeymoon? No, that you're to trust me and wait, and what my lord of my own desires? That you're Regan to trust me" displaying himself an elegant, utterly vigilant one assigned to her distressing uncertainty yet a burning lust in her midst "and wait. is that too much to ask? Yes, God as my supreme yes, of course you know that which is why you ask, though I will trust and foolishly having my head examined or not I will wait. Still Mr. McPhearson you didn't tell me how you of all places found me here? I'm part news anchor and part exploitative reporter, so, a honeymoon in Germany," as one beautifully recounting the folly of both their ways as both of their futures would weigh in the balance of this stupidity, even Herenton Egan. "Wow! All I can say is you people go all the, way, won't you Regan tell me more about this cleavage, about how vulnerable in our flesh-like, human being, that no doubt sacred marriage and bleeding heart we're to perhaps be?" 

                          ….Who Is He That Hideth Counsel Without Knowledge…
                                                      Regan IV

     “So how did it all go, Phearson and all? You, you set me up, you could’ve called me or something, ah my god Celeste” as one in the mirror hastily twisting her hair into a ball, was she as usual unto urgent appointments. “Then Rig, it wouldn’t have been a surprise, so tell, get off of my bed and stay out of my perfume. All come on, the most stunning anchor/weather man in Christian-dom, is that what you’re to Celeste say at the funeral when Henry kill us both? What Herenton Egan Lowd don’t know can’t hurt any of us, yet, and my nail polish, just get out altogether,’ kicking off tall hills to those more business like at wondering whether to change clothes, wear a jacket, more or less jewelry, perfume. “No, not until you give this match maker details, he asked me to wait, the wedding, the honeymoon, excuse me? Exactly! I mean he’s damn gorgeous and all, but even that level of gorgeousness Regan has its limits, I thought you was getting some red polish, I hate you, you know that right? Plus the fact that you have Rome, you stole him from me you know, ah gracious to God, we’re not going there are we? Plus you gave him away, said he was too much of a heathen for you., you better be glad you two make for the most special couple or I’ll steal him right back! Really, seriously, what was said?” Seen as one putting on more eye liner, as so thickening her lashes, her lip color, drilled by best friend Celeste at wondering what would she do? “How, how did you answer him asking you to wait? I got to go, I have that meeting with South, North and Anderson, tell me again how is it you guys are named for every division of the planet? Bye, what? It’s just weird or Celestra clever, yeah I guess, North Lee , South Lee, Est Wes Anderson and yours truly, Regan Central, I can’t wait to see what you’re to name your first son, you mean Celeste beside Herenton Egan the Third? Right, right, ok, well call me as soon as you get back, and you’re not kidding Phearson really asked you to wait? Yes Celeste,” as one pushing her right out the door with her, had the conversation seem to take a circular motion of Celestra’s inquiries, “now go and see what that darling husband of yours want, what he always want, something to eat, drink or play with, if you know what I mean.  You know I’m still a virgin right? So you need to be either more or less on details, less if you’re not to alarm me and more if you’re to groom me, good night poor little virgin girl.”     <<<”So tell me more,” as one coming into a seat to him, a literal vacant lunch room, had it been days since she’d seen or talked to him, “I want to know more, I thought I scared you off for good,” Kyler had the most astonishing smooth skin, these inviting dark blue eyes, with long lashes, and her mouth, and sparkly white smile, she was perfect, Branch Vincent  thought, a stunner really and he had yet to believe this was really happening.  “I mean with dreams of that manner how do you Vince know, how do you trust? So you’re talking to me again? I don’t know, we could be dreaming, I know, how do you know what’s really real? I mean what’s to stop me from waking up from this amazing moment right here and find it’s all a dreamscape?” He was the dream Kyler was thinking, putting the gor in gorgeous, tall, dark, perfectly build, groomed, with the most stylist haircut and inviting facial features, dimpled smile, so expert, even his alluring scent. “I don’t know, I mean where do I start? I’d invited you out to dinner, I was explaining how I wanted to make some changes in my life and I wanted you to be a part of them, are you serious? Though Vince in this alternate reality I wasn’t myself, I mean I was myself, yes, but you was known as Cadence, Caddy, you, my daughter’s name.  We really liked each other huh? Well we’d just got into an argument, you and a pretend boy-friend, even a fiancée that didn’t exist, I mean you had me stressing over you, over a supposedly alternate relationship that wasn’t even real. So you was angry at me huh? Yeah, I really was, your best friend was Melrose, as so you had a brother/cousin name Mike, a problem child you always thought.  Well I’ll admit that part of the dream was accurate, but Melrose, I attended Melrose High for a few years, had a friend named Annie Sue, but I haven’t seen her or spoken with her in so many years. Though I’ll admit, I’ve always thought I would name my first daughter Melrose, but the hubby didn’t like the ideal.  If you don’t mind, what happen to him, to your husband, I’m sorry to say Taylor killed himself, there was all the evidence he’d planned a murder suicide, but my mom got sick, really bad sick and I left that morning while he was yet asleep, I grabbed Caddy so she wouldn’t disturbed him, and, well, there isn’t much more to say.  For so long Vince as the pain grew unbearable I wished he’d taken us with him, living with the reality we’d stayed so far away from each other.  I didn’t have a clue, we were at our best, everything was going right it seem, but he did it and it was just so hard to accept, I mean anything but that. I still can’t figure it, I’m tired of trying, yeah, it’s best, we’re not to lean unto our own understanding, but Kyler in all our ways trust him. Him, God you mean, Jesus? Caddy and I are doing just fine not believing in him, so, there’s no need to start now, I hope that doesn’t disappoint you so much, knowing who your father is, no, but Kyler in the alternate reality you was an abbot believer and that’s putting it lightly, you was putting together a prayer group just before I awaken from it all, a prayer group, me? That is extraordinary, now Tenny I could see, but certainly not me.”     >>>”So talk to me, talk to you about what? You met with your brothers today, what did they think, or did you even tell them, ask them rather? That’s Henry,  tell them,” as one wiping her hands at pushing a yet filled plate away, but had she been made filled so soon, unto a sip of her tea glass, “and no, the opportune time didn’t seem to present itself, it was all about business with them and whether I’m to join the firm after college? I don’t understand you, we Regan live in Richmond, to join the Coogan firm wouldn’t you have to live in New York? I would have to do my first two years of internship there, but I don’t see how that’s to be a problem, is this Regan your way of declining my proposal, although I knew you would see it that way, no, it’s not, it’s simply considering all my options Henry that’s all, you know it would do you good as well, an internship at the greatest law firm in the nation, even some say in parts of Europe.  “No,” as well pushing his plate away into a wipe of his hands, a sip of his wine glass, had Herenton hoped this dinner was about Regan Central accepting his wedding proposal, but what a hard case itself.  “I’m pretty secure Regan where I am, I want one thing from your brothers, their approval as their future brother-in-law, come on Regan, I think I’ve given you sufficient time, do you want me to stop asking you, is that it? You know what, I would love to go to the movies, and sweet darling see what? I don’t know, we can decide when we get there, may I Regan be excused to the little boys room, yes, of course. {{{“Regan Central here, ah, so professional, Celeste, what do you want? You, home, so we can gossip about Phearson and stuff, well I’m out with Henry and he’s worrying me half to death, so what movies are good? I think we’re going, ah I heard that new Cruise movie is good, but we’re talking Tom Cruise, that’s automatic.  Hey why don’t I get Rome and we meet you guys there, keep Henry off of you for a little while at least, ah my god Celeste that’s a god sent of an ideal, I’ll call you as soon as it’s actual, I better go, here he comes.”}}}

                             ...What Time She Lifeth Herself Up On High…
                                                            Regan V

      “Ah, this Tenny person you and even Caddy keep mentioning, although Vince she is my cousin we grew up together more as sisters, we had like this horrific falling out just before I married and we haven’t spoken a lot, I say a lot, we haven’t spoken at all since.  I see, but she is the believer in the family I guess, yes, she’s more like the Caddy of your, what. ah dreams or coma? Either I guess, man, you lived in this completely alternate reality so genuine, only to awaken and learn none of it was true, I don’t what to, I mean how does something like that mess with your reality? Well not all of it was unreal, Caddy is real and there was this other thing,” a witness that he’s to ingest hard at confessing, that he was kind of frighten, or otherwise intimidated. “Well there’s my friend Phearce, in the alternate reality he fell in love and became fiance to a Regan Central who had three older, legal brothers. I’m sorry,” sipping her nearly emptied cut at showing herself more at ease, Kyler had like this secret which is what brought her to New York and until now she just didn’t know if it’d been revealed to Vincent by this extraordinary dream-scape of his. “Legal brothers? Excuse me, brothers who are legals, lawyers, that part of this dream scape Kyler as you has been proven to be all real, true, for some reason I’m yet to understand.  I better go, I told the sitter I would be back no later than, actually now, thanks for talking with me, you don’t know how, actually Vince I do know, which mean having Cad is like this godsend I can never, ever be too thankful for. So you do believe in God, I grew up from birth winged on God, only to find they were all a bunch of liars, so how could I believe any of it? I‘m gone, you be sweet as only you can and I hope Vince, we’ll talk again soon.”     >>>"That is not what I was told," bringing a now cold cup to the sink to her, was Herenton Egan more than crossed at her about the recent events. "I was told this guy Regan walked right into the women's auditorium, do you know how many times I've tried to get in there to you? You're not Phearson McPhearson are you? Is that supposed to be funny?" as usually well primed did Herenton Egan show himself very bitter at her, and the rumor of her celebrity admirer, "am I supposed to be laughing? Stop this!" As one roughing her up at bringing her to attention, at instead carting her to a chair, to a seat the breakfast table. "Now what Regan did this guy want? That I'm to for a year wait for him, excuse me? "That I'm to, ok Regan I heard that part, that you're to wait for what? The Juttah vows, that sacred marriage, wait a minute, you know this guy, this guy know you? He know I want to be married Herenton in every sense and nonsense of the word, that I want to be desired and cleaved to. That I want to be able without fault or failing at cleaving to this husband, how even death isn't to part us. My god Regan Central he's a fantasy," as one dancing off truly perturbed at her where in god's name had she left her brain, it's sensible reasoning? "Some guy receiving letters like yours, proposals like yours by the millions, ah I, see this is to make me jealous, is that it? He's not a, those scriptures you're to, so you want me to be more understanding, more compassionate? No Herenton" as one springing up at taking a stance behind that chair, at finally standing up to him and telling him how she really felt. "I want your heart of stone to disappear that the supreme is to give you a new heart, a heart of flesh, of inconceivable love, forgiveness and compassion. I will Herenton for this year wait, do you Regan know how insane this is? Just the other night you sealed my fate concerning you, they could've very well been the wedding vows themselves? It was a mistake, I know that now. What about us Regan?" Growing all the more volatile, threatening, actually grabbing her that he's to shake sense into her "you stop this. You stop this foolishness, it's not foolishness and you're hurting me, Herenton! Your parents know about this idiotic scheme of yours? They are Henry my parents, I will deal with them. I won't let you do this, I won't, you won't let me? What, no who are you? I have appointments Henry to get to "as one leading him instead to that exit was Regan Central for the first time ever following her own heart's desire.  "You're going to cast me off just like that, one night Regan we're to marry and create a life together and now plans and strategies of this sort are to be cast to the wind because you're persuaded of a man you barely know?" A witness that she's to open that door to his leave, that she's to evict him not only from her place, from her heart but her future plans. "Come on Regan please don't do this, I mean you act as though you hate me or something I don't hate you, it just that I know what's best for me, Regan, this is me, this is Henry, good day Herenton." My word this was actually happening, Regan Central Whitehead was putting him out, closing the door in his face, in his apparent outrage. "Regan this is not fair! Regan? Henry, please see yourself out, “ having urgent meetings and interviews to get herself to did Regan Central ready a hot shower, tore tags from brand new under garments. Of course she couldn't help thinking of things she'd just shared with Herenton, even the mounting fear this was all a mistake, a perpetual mess. How this move could be the biggest mistake of her life, although, thinking sensibly so would marrying Herenton. "I can't believe I just did that," truly as inadequate and as off course as she's to remember him was Regan Central stepping into hot, soothing waters stripping herself bare into a comforting sniff and inhale of her favorite bath lotion. "Celeste will never, ever believe I did that, I told you I wasn't going to let you go! Henry, alarmingly pulling a warm to cold shower curtain about her, what are you, it' can't end like this Rig. wrestling as to fit a tight hand over her mouth at seizing and impelling her to the nearest wall, hnry please just leave, ook, just leavem and I won't,  won't what? Did a demented Herenton Egan fan licentious eyes down her wet, inviting nakedness. giggling that she yet tried to hide from him. "Shhhhh, you're even more astonishing Regan than I ever imagined. "What are you doing? We can talk about this, you shut the hell up!" Roughing her up again did a mad as this Herenton Egan use his stout body at pushing her into an opposing, quite impassioned position. "I'm Regan done talking, don;tdo this, you'ee be sorry, we, I'll scream,, Ill you shut the hell up! With that free hand tearing at his clothing that he's to take her, finish her at his will, "I'm keeping you Rig from making the biggest mistake of your life. "My god Henry, what do you think you're doing, please, ah god please" burning, stinging tears burst forth at the imagination he would force her, pleaseeeee, what did I, if you don't shut the hell up!" Yanking her by her strands, brutally banging her head was a petrified Regan Central literally knocked senseless. "You're trying to run from me huh? Don;t make me hurt you huh, huh, not another peep out of you, you hear me?" Using the proficient waterfalls did Herenton have her just where he wanted her, naked, bare, just for his taking "not one. But you can't do this, you can't, "shhhhhhh" watching helplessly as he peeled himself bare a horrified Regan Central knew without a doubt where this was going,  so violently, "pleaseeee, this is rape, you are my wife!" Enforcing his tight body hard against hers, even that unwelcome stiffness at taunting her, at taking her at his will. "You think I'm gonna let him have you, have this," her bountiful, pinkest bosom spiraling into a sleek waist, modest hips and a very inviting bottom. "Henry,  listen to me, please just,I'll marry you, I'll be, you shut up!" Squeezing her jaws, along that horrid, determined look to hurt and even spoil her his way permanently. "Don't you call my name ever again, you hear me, you feel me, huh wife, huh! This is gonna hurt me more Rig than it hurt you,.”          

                                   …She Scorneth The Horse And His Rider…
                                                           Regan VI

          ”Ahhhhhhh my god that’s impossible, no, no one could make that catch, apparently someone could, the Eagles just took a six point lead, ah man I still can’t believe that catch, well Rome it had to be a throw first, that’s ok, that’s ok, there’s still plenty of time, I’m going to the vending machine, you guys want something, I got like five, fifty, a coke for me man, ah some chips, you waiting for the commercials to end or begin? I’m going, {{{chel’lo, hey, baaaa be, you know what time you getting off? No I’m in the lobby watching the game with the guys, dinner out, nall that sound really good. I don’t know, last I saw Rig she had an interview to get to, was in a real hurry, what she’s not answering her, ah it doesn’t look good. The Titans are down, the Eagles babe just made this impossible catch but like I told Cliff them there’s a lot of time left, hum, that’s, what is, nall it’s like I can spell your perfume through the phone, ah it on my shirt sleeve. Hey Rome man you coming! You can go, I hear them calling you, I got about an hour here and look you be ready, I’m starving, I will, I will, I promise,  you better Rome, I’m not playing,"}}}. I said chips man, these are cheese puffs, same thing, no Rome man, so not the same thing, you want them Clide man or not, I thought beggars weren’t to be choosy or anything like that. Hey man, where is like that incredible looking roomy of yours? Yeah, how is it you get to room with two of the most stunning women? I got to go, one of those stunning women is threatening me, ok, I know how it look but I still say the Titans gonna win, yeah Roman Neal man, in bed while they sleeping, dreaming.  I told you put some money where your mouth is huh? Yeah there Clide man and I told you, I believe in miracles, good because that’s exactly what you gonna need being a Titan fan, and that’s the truth.”     >>>“Who, What?“ Abruptly finding himself in strange surroundings and approaching a woman perhaps his mother washing dishes in a sink, "you're not my mother. Who are you?" Frighten literally to death at stretching eyes upward and all around this just as unfamiliar dwelling, "what is this place? Now that Pound is kidda hard for me to understand and impossible that I'm to then explain." Disturbing him that much more did she scrap a hot, yet steaming skillet of corn bread into the trash, laying said pan into murky waters."You just finished cooking that," did a healthy pot roast with vegetables follow this strange tradition of hers. "Yes I know, what is that?" Peering from the kitchen window a concern Herenton notice a strange, undetermined darkness moving in their direction, “ah, ah, you better get down son, further down, hide into the cabinets, better not let them see ya. Those the soul searchers, it never fail I tell ya, they always know, you can stand now son, what is it they know? When the new comers are here. I think I've had enough, I'm ready to go home now, home? You are home, this is not my home" backing into that eerie reality what in the world was this bond woman talking about? She couldn't keep him there, wouldn't keep him there. "I have no recollection of, measure, are you in there? Yeah Twenty Three, I'm in here, this here's Pound, actually my name, Pound huh? You just washed, my God you don’t move from that spot do you?” Sensing a strange trepidation moving him off of these daunting circumstances the more, one causing him to deeply research his surroundings and how spooky it all was. “You just cook and wash those, only to, yes and I stand here washing them until it's time to cook and throw away breakfast. Then I'll wash them until it's time to cook and throw out lunch, then, I know, until it's time to cook and throw out dinner, don't you ever get tired, yes" exposing unto him horridly gnarled hands, those whose appearance jarred him into a stumble away  again horrifying him. "I gets tired now, my arms," which at her mention were acutely blasted and deformed in appearance, "get really tired, ah and my back" suddenly growing a huge hump startling him all the more did a jarred beyond narrative Herenton Egan search all the more for a way out. "My, my, we heard her screaming, what? He heard it too you know, and what is it measure you do all day? That's easy son see I get up every morning at 7:00 sharp" as one glancing past him into his room did he see the clock was showing the time of 7:00 which explain why he was up. "I bath, I dress for Sunday school, I drive to church, I park, I cut the car off, at exactly 11:00 O'clock I restart the car, I come home, hurry to bed and get up again at seven o'clock. Why are you two the only ones here? Ah the soul searchers got some of the others, but if you come right here" bringing a consenting Herenton out of the kitchen, into the living room, into the front door, a weighty hand to his shoulder.  "That man over there, that's Tried, every day at 5:00 he come out and do repairs on his house, now you look just to your right, you see that's Wanting, every day at 8:00 o'clock sharp she's working on her lawn and sweeping the street. All they's all around us, oblation's bond servants and proud of it. You too Pound can stay here with us, you can perform every day that which was most important to you on the earth, or son you can take your chances with the soul searchers, that judgment seat. You said on the earth, if I'm, we're not on the earth then where am I? Ah one or the other of the deeps many mansions of course, I can't stay here, I won't" terrified at them all was a scared to death Herenton performing an additional back stroke at getting away from them both, seeming they'd lost their mind, even their souls. "While Pound what was your favorite past time on the earth? Yeah, what thing was the most important? A family" feeling good at saying, at describing, even after the horrid mess he'd made of he and Regan Central's relationship, even friendship, if only he had the chance to do it all again. "What’s wrong with you!” Suddenly finding himself in a hospital room sitting and comforting a screaming wife with purpose to give birth getting at him quite horribly. "Can't you hear me? I need help! FREAKING HELP!" Tearing from the room into a full fledged hospital an acutely dissolved Herenton Egan buried his forward into the wall, into his arm, closed his eyes and began praying. "Please god forgive me, I know what I did to Regan was wrong, it was terrible, please god, please hear me and help me. please Jesus save me, please.”     >>>”I work at Myrtle and Price, I’m a salesman, ok, you found the couple, yes, so what relation, no relation, I’m Regan’s roommate, me and my wife Celeste, is she going to be ok? And my God, Henry! Henry, that’s the name, no ah, Herenton Lowd, he and Regan were engaged, he’s been my friend, he been my,  my god what us happen?” As one beginning to break down into a cry, at wondering who could’ve done this, at kicking and screaming at himself for not going to check on Regan Central sooner. "Who could’ve done this, who could’ve been this evil? Just ah, I’m sorry Mr. Copeson for your lost, it’s best to get these things out while they’re fresh in your head, so just start from the beginning, tell us what happen. You sure I can’t go to the Hospital with Regan? Rome, my God Rome! Celeste, that’s my wife, I’m ok baby, it’s Regan, Henry, you need to get the hospital and reach her family, but what about, just go, I’m ok, just go! O my god, O my god, O my god!” Nervously getting back into the car, with tears blurring her eyes, and the thought of Regan or Herenton being hurt or dead devastating her mind, even that husband Roman Neal was being questioned, Celeste really had to concentrate at calling any one.     Ah god thank for you waking me up,” opening her eyes to a friendly Celeste sitting on her bed, was Regan Central elated it was all a dream, swinging her legs around, getting up, hoping she hadn’t over slept, “t\the Beltlezzar Ball is tonight, I don’t want to be late for that, I can hear Henry now. Celeste, you’re quiet, I didn’t wake you, Rome did, he thought you was dead, dead? Stop being silly and help me, that’s why I’m here right Rig, to help you, I got to tell you Henry isn’t coming, what you talking about, it’s the Beltlezzar Ball there’s no, he’s dead Rig, Henry, Herenton is dead, what are you talking about! Henry is fine, what is wrong with you, nothing, I’m at the hospital with you hoping you don’t die as well. What!” Ingesting hard, horrified into thinking, quizzing how the dream was real, all real, but that’s not possible, what was Celeste telling her? Beginning to cry, to realize the unthinkable had happen, that she’d been horribly attacked, that her love and future husband was this unforeseen agitator. “But who are you calling?” Thinking she heard Phearson McPhearson name, if this is real, if this really happen, he couldn’t see her this way, not this way, that alone would kill her, this godly fellow seeing her at her worse performance of this lifetime ever. “You can’t do that, stop acting like you don’t hear me, you can’t call him, tell him, you can’t call anyone, my God, Henry, Henry dead!  So you believe me now, you know, see, I don’t know anything, I don’t see anything,  just leave me alone, leave me the hell alone!”        

                                          …Hast Thou Given The Horse Strength…
                                                              Scene VII

     "Hey" smiling, as so squatting into him did a better performing Nefertitri seem to toy at a once exhausted North Lee finally waking to her. "You're coming to bed? No" arrogantly yawning and stretching into that resistance, into a more comfortable spot on the sofa at flaunting his displeasure at her. "You know I don't like being in that, I didn’t marry the most beautiful man, Teri please, just leave me alone! You angry with me? Were you this angry finding me this slain to the bath floor? You told the doctor Teri you felt sick for days, why didn't you tell me? Maybe because I was a bit concern myself, you see North you only imagine the worse is to happen, only for me the worse has happen. My husband Maddai is dead, so is my son Maddai Jr.,” as one maneuvering up, explaining better was Nefertitri such an astonishing creature, a prize wife of such treasure, bringing many speechless to say. "There was a time North we were a happy family, that all things were under control, you understand me? Nothing could go wrong, but North something did go wrong, seeming everything I left Africa to prevent performed itself so freely, only now in France. Then why Teri would you marry again, so soon at that? Because I met you North" easing again into their polite conversing had she made a promise that she wouldn't marry ever again, like most widows she assumed. "I witness instantly how you treasured me and I'd grown tired at being at my own. Don't give me that Teri, my god look at you, yes North Lee look at me, your amazing wife, only they all want one thing. They don't want a wife, possibly a family, I was nothing but a good looking bed of pleasure for them. I should've told you," moving into a seat along side of him, taking his specialty hand at making a sympathetic ploy, how she's to trust him the more. "Although I didn't want to burden you, and Teri finding you on the bathroom floor? {{{"Yes Mr. Whitehead here, North, yes this is North, Celeste?"}}} Hearing the concern in her voice at swinging up, away, not knowing her newest husband was about to get the worse of news. It was Celestial reaching Regan Central's family at informing them she’d been attack and left for dead. "{{{What is it? It’s Rig and Henry, they’ve been rushed to the hospital, I think Henry’s dead, and Rig? I don’t know, I’m getting there now, "}}} North please,” was the horror of this conversation not only on North Lee's now jagged with tears face, but was it an ugly spirit re situating itself throughout every fiber of her with manic alarm. "My lord North what is it?" {{{ and Rome, the copes are questioning him like, like, ah god, what is going on? Hey, hey, look, you did good, you hear me, Celeste you did really good, I’ll get the others, we’ll on our way, you did fine.  “North?" Giving him chase as he took off to his room, his closet for dressing was a highly concern Nefertitri yet in the dark about such pressing issues .“North, what is it? I'm sorry babe just get dressed, it's Regan, she was nearly killed tonight, what? Yeah something about her fiance Herenton and she being nearly killed," leg by leg pulling his slacks on, button, by button his shirt, link by link his belt. "That they’re questioning her roommate husband Rome, please Teri try and reach the others while I dress and get flights to Richmond for us all I guess, ok, Sure.” {{{"Hello South" it was as though he was at a party as the background was filled with load music and revelry "yeah this South, you better come, wait who is this?" Truly looping him around did he hurry out onto a more calm, quiet balcony at hearing better, even trying to get brother Est Wes attention . "This is Teri, something has happen to Regan Central, what? What you mean something has happen? A Celeste person called, hey, Andy, yeah, get over here! You and Andy need to get to the airport, a flight to Virginia especially fast, ok, but, what is going on? It’s Regan, and what I told you is all I know, I see, yes, I see, I'm on, we're on our way, yes I'm looking at him right now, what is, it's Regan Andy, what the hell are you talking about? We got to go, now! South and Andy are on their way, the flights are prepared," rubbing nervous palms into her night ware had she not seen North Lee this distraught ever. "I better dress, you don't have to go, I want to go" disregarding that middle-ear infection, the dizziness and thus quizziness, the doctors order she's to stay in bed for now at making herself ready. "What's wrong Andy it's all over your face? The weirdest thing, Teri said Celeste called, Celeste Maddy is Regan's roommate, there's something wrong with Regan, and Herenton.  Muzit," getting compassionately yet urgently into her ear at molding her into him privately, that delicate, even edible spoor "we got to go, go? But South I'm the maid of honor, something has happen, something about Regan Central, you can call Lolita from the car, set her in charge. We have flights to catch, something South like what?" Leading her to the coat room, just as so out the door, would South Lee go into detail but only with her. “Regan was almost killed tonight, I haven't told Andy that, just that she's in trouble," at his opening the car door to her was the news that her expert fiance Herenton had  himself been killed, Regan best friend questioned. "Possibly Muzit would be dead if it wasn't for fast acting friends, while my god South what happen? Something strange, very strange, according to North her roommate husband Rome possibly attacked them, severely injuring Regan and killing her intended Herenton, can you believe that? That’s unbelievable like gentleman introduced to me just recently, but how South is that possible? Andy is right behind us I see," as one brushing at a disturbance in his nose at blinking back stinging tears, this perfect little sister, her perfect little life, “I mean just when you think you know a person, yeah what the hell got into him that he would be this horrid, he nearly killed her, possibly crippled her for, while I'm sure darling she's in good hands, just when you Muzit think you've seen it all, heard it all. So who is this Rome guy? Like I said, her roommate, Celeste husband, I tell you Muzit if I get my hands on him he’s going to be dead too, while sadly as we were reminded recently South people don’t just die, which is why we’re to forgive, just you remember what Shrinks said, ah yeah, thou shalt not kill, so easily said, boy have we, humanity, wondered far."

                                 …Hast Thou Clothe His Neck With Thunder…           
                                                            Regan VIII

     {{{"She's stable is all they will say, no, they're all still here, you should see North's wife," did a gossiping Celestial hide the receiver into a corner away that she's to speak privately. "No she look like a supermodel, her name is Nefertitri and she look like it too. When are they going to be through with you? You don't need a lawyer or, ah my god he's here" with jaw dropping astonishment a thunderstruck Celestera lost all control at a stunning, towering Phearson McPhearson clearing the door. "Phearson just walked in, no Rome I'm not lying, yes it's actually him, no there's a few other guys with him, man he is so damn fine, excuse me! You know what I mean, I better get to him, help him explain this, yeah you better behave yourself, you need to get here Rome as soon as you can I'm still shaken up and I need you here, tell them you had nothing to do with any of this and get here."}}} "Good evening everyone" bringing himself as so talking into seemingly a group of mourners Phearson McPhearson didn't know which would be the hardiest, facing them or confronting a severely damaged Regan Central. "I don't know if, I am, I think Mr. McPhearson we all know what your name is, Regan Central is, Celeste told us everything. Yes Mr. McPhearson, how you persuaded a young woman completely infatuated with your fame to forsake everything and for a year wait on you. I'm here because Regan Central is very special to me, that's why I've gotten here as, ah man you don't even know her! You mean Mr. Whitehead the way this Herenton person for several years knew her and vowed himself to her? The last I talked to Regan she told me about her brothers," looking to North Lee whose stunning wife Nefertitri clung to him, right unto an alike husband and wife Est Wes Anderson and his blazing Madison Lorene, as so South Lee and his dazzling wife Muzit. "How the three of you had wives who cleaved to you, how she knew that threaten each of your singleness but this intimate cleavage was that erotically petrifying your blood and soul making you one. It was this manner of intimate cleavage she sort of her intended Herenton but at her own testimony found none. Not to offend either of you but it would appear ladies and gentlemen I know Regan Central better than anyone here.  We're not Mr. McPhearson blaming you, not intentionally, we're all hurting as you have proven you are and we are besides ourselves with grief. All our shoulders are cold with agony, is what my husband North is trying to say and we're sorry and ask that you forgive us. You're right, we had no idea our little sister was paying us that kind of attention, yeah sound like she has become quite the little romantic. It's time you guys,” as one taping his pricey time piece that Regan Central could receive visitors, was Est Wes Anderson instead getting on his communicator to other family members making this known to them all. "While since Mr. McPhearson here has proven himself the husband Regan has been searching for forever, I say we let him go to her, be the Medicaid I think he is. “Ah god in heaven,” soon discovered as one now laying his suit jacket to a nearby chair, did a caring, careful Phearson McPhearson come aside Regan's bed.  “Please god this is not happening,” to look upon her slightly as one laying flat to her back was her badly bruised face with eyes closed shut, into a fold of her arms. Of her hands one upon another across her chest, was she then coffin like lifeless and thus very disturbing. “I love you so much, hear me Regan Central, I love you so much,” bringing himself even close that he's to suspect the rise and fall of every delicate breath did she just as soon stir awake into an abrupt cry to him. Not only that he'd come all this way, being in Edinburg Germany, but that he's to see how Herenton had assaulted and spoiled her in many ways. "That’s it, cry all you want, I'm here now, I’m here now,”caressing his thumb along her leaking cheeks all to better her, to somehow comfort her at crying with her, did she temporarily fold her marred face into his hand, that soothing arm. "I got here as soon as I could, as soon as I got word, I think I threaten Vincent, how Regan if he didn't get me here fast enough, I got here babe. I tell you, when Vincent is to tell me what happen I've never been so sick, I, I never Rig cried so hard in my life.  I'm so sorry baby this happen to you, so sorry I wasn't there to help you. I should've known is what I keep saying to myself, just the thought of losing, you, you know, don't, no you cry and I'll cry and we'll get this all done." How at the thought that not only was Herenton dead, but the thought he died possibly at the hand thought to be family friend, what was he thinking, this Rome guy,  no, she shook her head frantically, got his hands in hers, reminding them of their earlier contact, no, Henry, Henry did this, ah god," as to fainting horribly into a seat, this unbelief that this was as much his fault, that he'd hurt her over him. "Ah, wiping his cheeks, eyes and his nose clear, could not stand no more, she's been gravely ill, and Herenton killed over their nonsense, having to take your own medicine. "Your brothers are gonna kill me, they're scary you know, especially Est Wes, I thought he and I would Duke it out. This not your fault ...I finally understand all your names for a change, as though the entire planet is to be covered, right? Phearce, hear me, this is not your fault, truly clever. Anyway they told me I could only stay like five minutes, do you love me? Yes, then don't blame yourself for this, I need you so much Rig, so very much, I want to stay as long as you need me, cleave to you Regan Central, have you cleave to me. You're not gonna believe this now,” did new tears shimmered their way down his cheek, across his chin, down his neck, all at this amazing confession. "Though I was telling Vincent, Vincent is my publicist, I was confiding in him only last morning how I couldn't stop thinking about you, when I was awake, when I am asleep, I was making plans to come and make phenomena things between us final, that I Phearson McPhearson take thee Regan Central to be my eternal wife, Yes Regan, it's what I want, it’s still what I want, even more so, now, it's what you want, it's all decided. I better go before they come drag me out, causing a worse scene than at the restaurant last night, well I'll tell you about it, just know, the pretend honey moon is over . Look at me Regan, I won't let this impossible invasion keep me away from you, I'm hunted at the reality of how horrified you must have been, at how unbelievable it is not only that he went out of his head and attacked you but he's to lose his life at doing so. Some would say his death is justified at his horrid attack of you, even his damnation, but mercy Regan, grace and although it's unthinkable forgiveness is to bore him first. Seriously though Rig I better go, thank you, of course babe you're welcome, I'm right outside, just know that, did she say anything?" An especially anxious after him Est Wes Anderson was the first at inquiring, the next through the door, their, the Whitehead brothers greatest prize, their only sister. “Yes, she said thank you, thank you? Regan thanked me Est Wes that I'm to show Herenton this lest bit of pardon, I don't under, I have business, it shouldn't take long, please call if Regan need me, if there's a change anytime soon, yes for a certainty."     >>>”And how long Andy have we been at this?” Pouring a hot cup of coffee, stirring in sugar, cream, was it becoming plain this case wasn’t so black and white, that Roman Neal could be in trouble. “They need to charge him or let him go, so what, they think he’s lying? They don’t know, it’s his word again theirs and Herenton can’t speak for himself, I still can’t believe it, a young man of his caliber, what the hell! Lean not remember Andy, lean not, ah South you were right, we’re now Mr. Copeson attorney’s,” as one like in this turtle like crawl, had spending the night at the hospital overcome the best of them. “I man, I had this really weird dream, about what North man,? My bed man, I miss my bed so much I dreamed about it,” causing them all to break out in laughter, it was hilarious being so unexpected, and so good for them all breaking the chilling icicles of emotions. “ I couldn’t take it anymore, we all have reservations at Richmond finest, how is that really? Coffee, you’ve Maddy never had coffee? Ah that it’s to make you black right? Ah not really, so I figure we go two couples at a time and here, we choose straws, you can call me a busy bitch all you want, like it or not we need this, hey South, it’s Petrie, he’s on the phone, a Roman Neal update.”        

                             …Canst Thou Make Him Afraid As A Grasshopper…
                                                         Regan IX

      "That is not what I said damn it and you know it! Calm, I will not calm down, they've Mr. Whitehead been twisting what I'm to say for a second day. That's what happens Roman when you forgo your right to be silent and instead agree to give a testimony of your own will. I told you I was in the lobby watching the game with the others guess and employees, it was thick Freddie Kruger could've went unnoticed, how I was there for the duration of that game. Hell nearly everyone there has testified to this fact, thinking I would get some sleep before I was to meet my wife Celeste I went to my room. The first thing I notice was that Regan’s door not only wasn't lock, but it was cracked, now that wasn't all that unite, Regan could've left that hurriedly but not likely, which made me instead do a research after her. Knocking and entering into her room slightly though her bed quarters was emptied of her, her clothes, stockings, even her shoes for that day were all laid out, which again caused alarm. This is when I walked over to her bath room, knocked and asked several times after her, trying a door that wasn't lock did I again ask after her as I eased in. Although with one glance I saw Henry, Herenton laying lifeless to the floor, how blood was everywhere, which scared the living hell out of me. I ran too him, called after him, checked his pulse, when glancing over, out of tear blurred eyes, did I see Regan was also in the floor. Seeing Herenton was dead, dead as in he had no pulse did I scramble mightily after her, she had a pulse but barely and she wasn't breathing. Calling for help did I like you in the beginning think someone had come in on them, for to rob the apartment and found them in the shower together and attacked them, I mean anything else was simply insane. I knew Herenton Egan, he was like a brother to me, to even think for a moment he attacked Regan, raped, beat and nearly drown her to death, how in god's name was that possible? He's telling that identical story again," as one moving off into a set of investigators, was the police parking lot filled of cruises beginning to get wet as it'd started to rain. "He has been since day one and at least ten people put him in that lobby, and in, at that game, I for one believe him. What about the LTT, he refuse and so does his legal counsel and I don't blame them. Mr. Copeson had no reason to attack his friends, he thought his friends were already under an attack, yeah Morrison, that's if he arrived like he said after the fact and not doing, let him go but retain the right to question him further,"     <<<"Ok why am I here?" As one lifting a curious hand, gesture into their important conversing, some of the greatest law men not only in America but the world. "Because we were under the impression Mr. McPhearson you loved our sister, what our brother Anderson mean is a soon to be released and as yet terrorized Regan Central is to be lead into a courtroom.  It's hearing, she will then be forced to sit on a stand of onlookers and relive Mr. McPhearson all the gory details concerning those horrific minutes in that shower, the authorities as North Lee is saying are with purpose at proving whether or not Herenton's death was accidental or because of Regan's form of self-defense. What does it matter? He severely raped her, you see Phearce, that is actually Regan's story, they'll be looking at the fact Herenton was Regan's intended. They’ll want to know whether or not this was just a friendly performance between two consenting adults that got greatly out of hand. You see Mr. McPhearson," with a talented as this Est Wes Anderson sitting atop a conference table across from him again all to Phearson's attention did he find as before was Vincent dreams again right on target concerning Regan elder brothers. "I mean even as we speak Mr. Copeson's testimony, the one who found Herenton and Regan, who actually saved her life, believe it or not this is his second day of testimony, they even want him to take a lie detector test, South Lee is with him, to defend him, even as we speak. Truly how do they know Mr. Copeson, Regan's dedicated roommate didn't discover Herenton attacking Regan, responding violently slaying Herenton himself? Just a picture of how the law work, how Mr. McPhearson they think, it's Phearson actually, or simply Phearce. What we can't forget here Phearce is that Mr. Lowed had a family, that's parents, siblings refusing to believe their son became this violent, this inhuman and brutally raped and literally killed Regan, his only love and fiancé.  It's going to happen and it's going to be as ugly as all of that, I mean if they're to scrutinize Mr. Copeson to this degree just imagine Regan's hearing. Thus our inquiry of whether you Mr., well Phearce want to sit in on the proceeding? I mean for reasons eluding us our sister and our brother South Lee seem to trust you, is that to mean Est Wes you and North Lee here don't? You sure you can take what she'll possibly share? Yes,” as one inhaling into a thick, intense ingestion of uncertainty, even browbeating that he's to endure Regan's greatest trial and gossip. "I wasn't there in her worse hour and have beaten myself unerringly to death as a result, so yes I will handle this. Have Regan Mr. McPhearson shared with you anything concerning that day? Although I spend literally every waking hour with her, Regan has only spoken to be twice, once to thank me for my compassion concerning Herenton. Your compassion? My compassion Est Wes shown one human being to another and earlier this morning she awaken me and ask if she could sit, cuddle herself into my, sit with me, on my lap, with, we understand. What do you think happen? Foolishness on my part, I knew Regan was spoken for, but I was selfish, I took advantage of the fact she was greatly involved with a T. V. personality, you mean like yourself? In that meeting with her you asked her for something? I asked that she not marry this man as she intended, but that she for a year wait for me as I finalized a marriage and a honey-moon. Excuse me? It would be all for show, as I said it was foolish, selfish. I never took this guy’s feelings into consideration, so in your respect, in that hindsight, you don't believe Regan was actually free to make this decision? I believe in her search for cleavage as she call it she'd promised herself to a man heartily she despised, but the fact remain she promised. So you're saying since she promised maybe she had no right at changing her mind? Of course North she had a right at changing her mind but where? How? As not to provoke him to evil you mean?" Sensing a strange, unappreciated clarity was Phearson, McPhearson truly the compassionate fellow who thought himself as responsible for Regan state as Herenton Egan himself. "I know deep in my heart it wasn't possible that Regan nor myself was to consider this man would react so violently, no way feasible and there Mr. McPhearson" did a just as impressed with him, though he wouldn't admit it Est Wes Anderson come into his stand at straightening his slacks into a ready of his suit jacket, "Mr. McPhearson concluded the lesson.  No one knew or even imagined something of this magnitude, this demented could happen and thus Mr. McPhearson is why he's referred to as a thief, an atrocious swindler going to and fro about the earth seeking whom he might devour, yes, yes he is that indeed."

                                       …The Glory Of His Nostril Is Terrible…
                                                        Regan X

     "Sitting in the dark?" A kind, quite handsome Phearson was to find her, was to draw remarkably close to her as these were above comprehension trials for them both. "Vince said you've been here all day," modeling the stunner he was into her, at fiddling in her long, sandy strands, as so to bath in her adorably tempting scent. "You want to talk about it? So how long were you two lovers? Excuse me, you and Vince?" An assured by these abrupt revelations Regan Central locked more than curious eyes with an in haste to abase himself Phearce. "Up until a year before I started receiving your letters, just before Rig this amazing article I read in the Paris Globe, that one written by an Apache Arrow De'Burk, alias Alyn Tristian, One entitled ‘The Suicidal Confession.’ It was an amazing article Rig whereas Mr. Deburk is to compare homosexuals to blood farmers who perilously, monstrously and even murderously cultivate their gardens with this world's one blood supply instead of water. Thus diverting this single hemoglobin, at poisoning the world's blood harvest with a holocaust impenetrable, namely HIV-Aids. I tell you I was ready to pack and move all my, I can't Phearce put myself in, shhhhh I would never Rig put you in danger, never, ever, the test came back positive. Test?" Grave with an alarm sending his thoughts on like this roller, coaster ride of twist and turns at how Regan Central knew something he didn't. Indeed what test had he taken? When? Where? Even how and was deadly Aids this positive? "The pregnancy test," sweeping at creeping tears at pulling a few packed bag free was she obviously going somewhere, home perhaps as she'd been with him from her hospital release. "I'm pregnant with Henry's child, I'm so confused, I don't know, it's ok, we'll figure, how is it Phearce ok? I've been sitting here in this spot all day trying to figure this, wondering why I've been so greatly punished, it's not a punishment," did a tremendous after her with an infatuation indescribable Phearson come again into her inviting spoor, that stinging uncertainty. "Not Rig directly but that we're born into and are at limits with a prevailing calamity, hence Christ's Cross. I don't want to lose you, please tell me I’m, it's healing, I don't know Rig suddenly I heard a voice say, it's healing. How the nine months you're to carry this child will be a time of regeneration not just for us but all those involved. And once it's born we're to see something human, something wonderful come out of something horrible, something so inhuman. My grandmother Louise always told me we should treat trials and tribulations like storms that come and go so untimely. Storms she said can be very damaging even deadly but once Rig they're passed, these clouds of illusions, how nothing is the same. How we're to see a brighter day, see and comprehend Rig in ways at first eluding us entirely. I don't know, ah baby we can do this! "We?" Wrestling instead off, away angrily was she at better to cry, a back to him, after those specific get away bags. "What we? My made deranged proposed Phearce raped me and managed to slip up and kill his fool self, my god leaving me with these impossible remedies. He also killed you, killed us Rig, the devil's very aim, but like this unborn growing inside you we're both to metamorphose into this newness of life as all things are possible with the supreme. I know baby learning of this pregnancy just made things a little more difficult but what else is there to be done? You're going to kill it? That's still Regan Central growing inside you, Regan Central and a man you knew and loved, not the monster Rig, but Herenton Egan Lowd the man. I'll admit Phearce this conversation is not going at all like I thought, I know, you thought you would use my ex-homophile lifestyle, this pregnancy as reasons that we're to go our separate ways. Only Rig, I want what was promised me in the beginning, I want the cleavage, do you know how greatly I desire at having you? How I want to cleave to Regan Central, how I want her, just her and none other for all eternity cleaving to me. That's what we as husband and wife are to share behind closed doors, what billions have song and can't perform, even in that marriage bed Regan is to be phenomenally above and beyond this reality. I've not lost my dreams Regan," easing a comforting sigh of release, even an agreement of his warm breath into the back of her head, those smell good, feel good, silky soft strands, “they've only for a time been placed on hold, perhaps on faith, that door. I got to think, I've packed as you see and will be off to Celeste so I, I married you that night in the hospital, I made that vow to you Rig but most of all to the supreme host, I'm not only your husband but the father of that unborn. Why don't I Rig run you a soothing, hot bubble bath and we sleep on all of this, as to Rig digest it all and if you feel the same by morning I'll put you on a plane to Celeste myself, what say you? I say that sound so incredible, that my astonishing husband of the Juttah vows, is so astonishing, how can I refuse him? Good, a hot bath then, yes, and something to eat right, yes, right again, good, a hot, soothing bubble bath and dinner all coming up.”

            …He Paweth In The Valley, And Rejoiceth In His Strength…
                                                   Regan XI

      “We are Miss Whitehead ready when you are,” as one cautiously glancing around the small courtroom were there present only those which had to be there, both legal teams from both sides, Herenton immediate family, Regan’s immediate family, grief counselors for both sides, the judge, but that wouldn’t make going into these gory details any easier.  I love you,, ingesting a thick nervousness, did an attending Phearson McPhearson quite stunning actually motion to her those reassuring three words but he would he after this? “I just start? Yes, just as you desire, ah I was finishing up a few dishes when the doorbell rang, certain it was meddlesome best friend Celeste, I took my time. When it was buzzed again and again, to my opening the door instead to an unpleasant, ah,” as one feeling the dryness of her mouth along an additional thicken swallow, was she upon request allowed a sip of water. “It was my fiance Henry, ah Herenton, let us note that Miss Regan Whitehead is referring to accused Herenton Egan Lowed, please Miss Whitehead continue.  As I said he was upset, charging right in, taking off his coat, hardly saying anything, when he suddenly burst out and said, so he who was he? Who, what are you talking about? Some guy, special guy show up at the center today, who was it? “As a law student, I have a part-time position at the local offices of Ken and King, it is not Henry as serious as all of that, don’t turn your back on me!” Grabbing me, spinning me around in his direction, it’d been a long time since I’d seen him this upset, if ever. But, it pose no alarm, the heighten conversation followed me into the kitchen where I was to finished what I was doing. How it is Rig he was able to come there, right into those private offices and all, and I can barely call you? Because he’s Phearson McPhearson Henry and you’re not, what, what hell is that supposed to mean? I’m serious Rig who the hell is this guy? Ah I can tell that, that you're serious, as so can this entire floor, will you please calm down.  You want something to drink? Thinking I would get a glass of tea, water perhaps, did I offer him one as well, is his mockery, or are you just freaking ignoring me? I’m, his name is Phearson Mcphearson, he’s a well-known weather personality, he stopped in to pay me a little visit, that’s all, my god Henry, that’s all. Why you, why is it Rig this guy know you from all the line upon line of women that fancy him? I can’t do this, I have an urgent appointment to get to, I have an interview in less than 12 hours with one of the topmost firms in New York, even the country, Coogan and Coogan. Meaning I have a flight, so you just gonna have to believe it’s nothing, as it was nothing and let me get my shower so I can go, no, no, I’m not leaving Rig until we talk about this, one more time who is this guy, why you, why my fiance? Ok, ok, my god, I’m one of many pen pals of his, ok, he wanted to meet me, he liked some of the things I wrote so, I look up, without warning, the most popular, you know and he’s coming in my door.  I don’t get it Rig, aren’t those letters anonymous, how is it he’s too know you Rig from a dozen of others? Henry, please,” tapping my watch was I reminding him of the hurry I was in, starting to pull my top over my head I moved into my bedroom, sat to take each shoe off. Making ready for a shower did I consider just dressing and going, though there Henry was right there, prompting me along this line of questioning still. “It was silly I know, but Celeste and I thought it would be fun if I made writing to him more personal and he came to meet the woman who was writing him, what he described as lifesaving words. I wasn’t at all pleased that he found me, that he showed up at my place of employment, that he needed to leave and all that and eventually he did. .Like I told you, nothing,” making it into the bath, readying a shower, “now can you let yourself out, I really need to shower and go, yeah Rig, sure, I’ll let myself out.” I had no reason to think he wouldn’t do exactly that, I completely undressed, and stepped into the waters, when I heard something and just as soon a shirtless Herenton Egan burst into the shower, grabbed me, roughing me about and soon into the wall, ‘what are you doing?” Grabbing my mouth, did he fan really alluring eyes, a cunning smirk along my nude body, Henry! What is this, ”horrified I’d not seen this side of Henry before, he was cold, calculating, even menacing, he, he, he terrified.  You’re scaring me, yet murmuring to say, Henry my god you’re scaring me!” Shut up! Slamming my head quite hard into the porcelain wall, the water falls filling my eyes, my mouth, this is when I begin to realize I was in trouble, that this wasn’t my Henry and I was in trouble, ok, ok.  “Henry please, please don’t do this, this is me, look at me,” yet hardly able to speak, when his hand wasn’t cuffing my mouth, it was the water falls, he wouldn’t look at me, just my, my, shut up!” He slammed my head additionally, I thought he would kill me, I couldn’t believe Henry was acting this way, that he was hurting me this way, it was, was like a nightmare, it was, was, horrible.  I’m not gonna let him have you, squealing and tussling hard against him at realizing this is happening, this man is about to, to,” as one again sipping a glass of water, at making no eye to eye contact with anyone, just the chair, the stand, the table, “despite how I cried, begged and fought, how I tried to scream and wished Celeste or Rome would come, stop him. With a hand full of my hair he again banged my head into the wall, ah my god he was doing it, he was about to force himself on me, even in me, I’d not, not, I was saving myself for marriage. For him, this was to be my husband for life, ah my god how was this possible, how was this happening? This man I love had gone mad, completely mad. Shhhhhh you know I love you,” having fully undress at pressing his, his, hardness against me, all the more horrifying me,  god where are you? I’m doing this Rig because I love you, this is what he’s saying to me, he’s hurting and crippling and horrifying me without description, but he loves me. I just start praying, that only seem to infuriate him all the more, and just as soon he does it, he take like this sword, and he push, and he pod and he cut and he stab and, and, pausing at the sound of movement about the room, as some unable to bare her testimony excused themselves, including Herenton’s mother. Although my screams are muzzled, I know the entire heavenly host can hear me, but no one, not one of them comes to my rescue and soon he breaks in, and he’s jabbing me, and stabbing me, he cutting me and I finally get one look into his eyes just before he rams my head again, making me dizzy soon after he has spent this time tearing me apart, all I can feel is I’m being released into a puddle of water that’s filling my mouth, my throat, my nose and then nothing but this loud thud. The next I know, I’m between an ambulance or a hospital or both and I’m alive, I don't know why, but I'm alive, only, only Henry isn't, my Christ Henry isn't. That’s it, that’s how this inconceivable gentleman I’d known for two years became this monster and horribly, ah god, horribly died doing so, and I am so sorry,” talking to his stun, crying  sister, even daddy Herenton, as apparently it was mother Herenton who’d stormed out crying. “I’m so sorry this happen, if you Miss Whitehead have nothing else to render and have finished your testimony you may step down, I just want to say I'm sorry I put you all through that."     

                                        …He Goeth On To Meet The Armed Men…
                                                                Regan XII

     ”How did you sit through all of that? Not saying anything to him for three days since the testimony, not even sleeping in the same room with him, where they all, her family and all concern not just for her, but the unborn. “I had to Rig, you had to endure this horror, like my granny would say, the host of heaven had to endure it, thus I had to sit through the trying of that impossible to endure as well.  How do you know Phearce whether any of it is true, that this isn’t just some tall tale to cover up two consenting adults wild exploits that ended in a tragic death and unwanted pregnancy? I don’t know anything Rig except what you tell me and I chose to believe what you tell me, I’m glad you’re talking to me again, yeah, it’s really cool today, so gloomy, dull. Your mother, brothers been calling Rig, we’re really concern about you, the unborn, you’ve hardly done anything for three days. Thank Phearce for that update, that’s all I could think about after the testimony, and now I’m pregnant, and now I’m pregnant, if you could really see my mouth. My lips beyond that testimony, those were the words forming just beyond, on my tongue, and now,” as one getting loud along moving closer to the edge of the balcony, seeing the too and fro of drivers and pedestrians “and Now I freaking pregnant!!!! NO, no, don’t, don’t freaking come close to me! I don’t need you, I know Phearson McPhearson you think I do but I don’t, I know, but I Rig need you, can’t you see that? I need you, I came looking for you because I need you in my life more now than ever, Rig, please, whatever you think you can’t do for you, for the unborn, do it for me baby, just do it for me, please. At least eat something, look why don’t we just go out, for me, for little Henry, little Henry?” Seeing she’s to ingest hard at realizing, little did she know Phearson knew she called the unborn little Henry, “a movie would be good as well you, yes, Rig, I do. I really do think getting out is best, I don’t know, I do, you love me, you trust me, let’s just do it, I trusted Henry too and look at me, at us Rig, at us.”     {{{“Hey I can’t talk long but I’ve persuaded Rig to come out, ah thank god Phearce, you are a god sent, hey you guys,” holding the receiver like so at reassuring the others, South, North, their wives, had they all been with much concern of her seeming regression. “Phearce got Rig to get out. {{{Hey, I got to go, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up, so call mom let her know, I will and I’ll make sure she know you call her mom, thanks, bye}}}     >>>"No, no, Andy it just the last we were here we ordered that and I wasn’t so pleased with it, guess who’s to sleep tonight? Ah honey I know, but, well, you wasn’t there when Regan testified, yeah South and thank God for that, she really would be dead if Roman Neal had not found her, she would've drown. I mean it was really graphic and he was really, like this insane, suicidal, psychopath almost, really South?” As one taking a stick of bread for buttering it, into readying a sip of wine, had wife Muzit had a hard time getting South Lee to come out as well. “When did you come to that conclusion? Listening to how Rig explained how violent this man became, it was clear he wanted to kill her and would’ve possibly killed himself, ah, did, did kill himself. Supposed Herenton thought Rig would drown, I mean he did leave her all banged up and bleeding in a puddle of water where she could’ve done just that? The apologizing Rig did to his family, what was that all about? It mean she feel particularly the blame, for me Andy it had Phearson Mc Phearson written all over it, I heard you Andy describe him as a god sent, truly he is, agreeing to be a character witness for her and all. Actually all of you are godsend, here’s to the Whitehead wives, well, I’m going to take that as a compliment. Then show my gracious appreciation Mr. North Lee Whitehead once we’re home, yes madam Mrs. Nefeterri Whitehead, I really regret Regan didn’t actually witness Herenton slip up and fall, that little window right there produce such suspicion regarding how he actually died yes, of suspecting Mr. Copeson. All she remember hearing is a loud thud, you think North there could be more? I mean Rig really did suffer severe head injury, maybe she should go under, I’m sorry go under what? That she South should be hypnotize and I know just the shrink, Barbara, Barbara Coogan, I’ll even call, conference with her, see what she think. So you’re thinking possibly she doesn’t want to remember? Either that or just don’t remember, well, if that, if she did witness it, it will help with Mr. Copeson case, the authorities are anxious with charging him with involuntary manslaughter, it’s like that itch they can’t scratch, but they’re really trying, really. Wait a minute, don’t he have like witnesses up the wa-sue, yea, but if those witnesses Maddy are off like 15 or 20 minutes, just that little time, prosecutors could prove probable cause unto involuntary manslaughter.  O god, o god, what Andy man, what? Suppose they connect Rigs inability to explain what happen to Herenton, O my heavens, with her covering up for Rome, could she be, could she be covering up for Rome? He is her best friend husband, the coroner said Herenton’s injuries were consistent with one as in a fall, but that he couldn’t rule out a sudden blow to the head, that North he couldn’t rule it out, not completely no. Then gentlemen that’s it, they think, well, to be honest, they’re possibly pretty sure Rig is covering for him, so the question remain did Herenton fall, or was he helped along the way? Good question South, really good question, I wonder what made you ask that, cute North, really.”

                                   …He Mocketh At Fear and is not Affrighten…
                                                       Regan XIII

      “Will You tell this court just how is it Mr. McPhearson you know Miss Regan Whitehead? Miss Whitehead, well Regan is a special friend of mine, isn’t it true she is much more than a friend, but is considered to be your wife, your Juttah wife? Yes, yes we do by the Juttah Vows consider ourselves husband and wife. Will you tell the court Mr. McPhearson how long you have known Miss Whitehead, personally less than a few of mouths, but correspondently over a year.  Will you Mr. McPhearson care to explain to these proceedings what that is to mean, correspondently? Well, Regan and I have been communicating by fan mail over a year, so I guess you can say it’s love at first love letter,” seeing and hearing how those in attendance are to find his description as mesmerizing as they all found this stunning gentleman himself. “We are Mr. McPhearson trying to understand how is it Miss Whitehead is married so soon after her alleged fiance, and accused Mr. Herenton Lowed’s death? Well at night instead of Regan and I climbing into bed, we climb into one another, we’re consumed there of each other, dissolved and intertwined permanently. I don’t misunderstand,, we haven’t been intimate, Regan is not ready to share that part of herself, no this manner of intimacy and thorough attachment is explained by Regan Central as being cleavage of bringing Holy Spirits as much into your marriage bed, as your repentant heart. That this cleavage is the one thing all human hearts seek after, to be completely, or to depend, to allow our sore vulnerability to be thoroughly and unequivocally merged to a significant other who is Regan Central. That’s addicted passionately to this significant other emotionally, romantically and by the mercy and grace of God spiritually, heart, blood and soul.  This is the relationship the Supreme father want with his creation, too take them into his bosom and pleasure them there forever, it the relationship the unborn has in the sacred, warm womb of its mother. It’s even what the Christ lord was describing to Jerusalem, when he talked about gathering them into himself, like a hen does covering her chicks into her wings. It’s why once a person fall in love it’s permanent, their heart just suffered this twin intervention so long-lasting again permanent, I know all manner of corruptions are to steer them to useless alternates, pride, lust and fear, especially fear nevertheless these are the phenomena confidences Regan Central would share with me, and I unfailingly with her, I’d never heard of such things, but honestly did my heart ache and bleed to have this indescribable cleavage,  this authentic bloody valentine namely Jesus Christ.  Painstakingly if this woman truly existed I had to find her, and if and when I found her I would keep her for all this life and the eternal to come, the Juttah vows, which are more Holy Spirit, than the ordinances of man nailed to Christ’s Cross, lead captive again by him, allowed us to do exactly that, the again the Juttah vows. We’re so married, I’m her heart’s blood now, she is mine, prick Jesus, either of us, we both suffer simultaneously, not sirs, Ladies a fairy-tale, but indeed a deity-tale, I’m sorry, deity-tale? God the father, Son and Holy Spirit, man is a curse of death, Jesus is the only one that became a curse for mankind, that like him, through him, the emphasis is on, through him, though we die, yet shall we for all eternally with God be made alive, even his bride.  Well,” as one showing himself somewhat putout, off, as was apparent, did he with a manner of uncertainly approach the bench, at his wondering eyes appearing all around to see the court as hoodwinked. “Will there be anything else, ah to render? No, I believe I said everything, then Mr. McPhearson the bailiff will lead you back to the Judges quarters, your honor, ah yes, these proceedings are recessed until 1 O’clock.   “So what did you,” seeing a stunning Regan Central is to be released into these offices as well, at him did she without hesitation run straight into his breast, his neck, and alluring scent.  Hey, heyyyyy,” trying to get her to lift her head to him, with her refusing, “heyyyyy look at me,” a gentle nudge to her soft, perfumed, top of her head, could he tell she was crying, with his nose, throat all already would she make him cry as well.  “Come on sweetheart, you making me cry, I can’t believe you did that, I did what, told them the truth? They had to know Rig there was nothing malicious or immoral going on with us, just this inconceivable beyond earth and heaven affairs of matrimony. Knock, knock,” seeing a pretty pleased brother South Lee is to come in, with pleased brothers North Lee and Est Wes Anderson taking us the rear, seeing how she literally clung to Phearson still.“Is she alright? Ah just a little shell shock, hell Phearson, Phearce, genius, your highness, I’ll call you whatever young man you want me too after that testimony. Phearce, Anderson is just fine, I, look, all I did was pour my heart out, yes, yes you did, and you young lady?” Having her head yet buried into him that at a touch of her shoulder did she spring up to better light and healthy rivalry. “This is some amazing man, ah husband you have here, yes,” as one clearing her throat, her nose and cheeks like so, yet gripping his agreeable hand. “That’s what I been trying to tell you guys, well we’re free to go, you are Phearce and we want to know if you two will have lunch with us? There is something Rig we would like to discuss with, something like what? How about Lunch? Yeah, sure.”        

                             …Neither Turneth He Back From The Sword…
                                                      Regan  XIII

      -Earth to my best friend in all the world, and who is that Vince, Branch or whatever the hell your name is? Ok, what’s wrong? You have to ask? Every time I’m around you I’m reminded of how delusional we both were and the horrible perversion we committed against one another, even mankind’s one life blood you know. Which Phearce is all forgiven or did you forget? Now all you have to do is forgive yourself, is that what you did, forgave yourself,? Yes, every day until it’s to matter no more, scapegoat Phearce and all. I guess," as one having only a bottle water, verses Branch Vincent entire lunch meal was evidence of  his friend just passing through. “Come on where is the man I love to find myself so proud of, this wondrous husband of Regan Central? I don’t believe she’s going to keep the babe, that she is right now arranging a close adoption, you know that? I think I know that she has found just the right couple, not to disillusioned your feelings brother but that's better than abortion, right? I like that, that you call me brother, but anyway Vince you wasn’t there, you didn’t see how being in Herenton’s parents presence, what it did to her. It made her feel so guilty if she could’ve had the baby right there, she would’ve hand him right over as this manner of peace offering if you will, to like make amends for them losing their son, it was so apparent. Well, would that Phearce be a terrible thing? Fixing his napkin in his lap like so, knowing this straight talk manner of conversation would be like swallowing razor blades. “They, I know, I know, they wouldn’t have their son back, but they would have his son by which to remember him by, to remember which of their sons the man or the monster, the monster lest you forget Phearce, lurking into all of us. Only Vince they don’t deserve it and you know it? I don't, ah, ok yeah, but since when Phearce are we to judge what a person deserve? I tell you what, the way you feel about Rig and the way Rig feel about you, this extraordinary relationship you guys have to mean you Phearce are going to have to be there for her no matter what is decided, which is the second thing Vince making me so damn crazy about all of this. You guys are young, you’ll have other children, but having that child around as this reminder of what this man did to her, I say using his parents is like this perfect pardon, it’s genius, yeah, and that Vince is my third fear, my god is Christ why is it you know me so well? I say since she’s uneasy about presenting this ideal to you, what if you present it to her, make it as though it’s my ideal and let her hate me for it, is that it? Because Branch Vincent if anything goes wrong, anything, then I alone will be the blame, I saw that interview, Wedding Now, your comments, character testimony regarding Regan Central, my God Phearce, believe me everyone that saw it are looking to be in a sacred attachment as such to their significant other, this extraordinary cleavage as you described, man do you know how astonishing it all was? I got to go, I love you, I need you, thanks for your input, I guess, hey, I love you as well, I know Phearce how painful this pending like father Abraham sacrifice, one that gave us Christ, so if anyone can do this, it’s you and Regan Central.”    >>>”{{{"Ctentri here, hey big bro, Tenny? It can’t be, this person sound like someone having a life and my big sister doesn’t, so when is the big date? What big date?“ Launching a speedy ride of his desk chair into a second desk having tons of editing work on the communicator, there wasn’t a Mrs. Bonai as yet but did Ctentri Israel have it stapled down to just one. "Is my sister planning a double wedding and would it include the towering, model caliber, seeming quite delicious Branch Maurice Vincent? I know huh, I know your heart and your men too well. Ah, does that silence mean the heat just got too unbearable with both the pot and the kettle boiling over with uncertainty that Tennyson Nicole doesn’t want to play anymore? I hate you so much and now that you’re Paris Globe you are Ctentri even more unbearable, believe me Tenny honey it isn’t me that’s unbearable but the truth making you free regardless of those bars you and your fellowman keep deigning all around. Bye Cen, from this moment forward I completely disown you, yeah well before you go, how is my niece and when are you bringing her to see her favorite uncle? I can send you guys first class tickets, if you ignore all the trespasses and trespassers, sort of like New York but better, it’s a little bit of heaven here.  Ok, ok, what is her name, not that you deserve to know, but her name is Kern, short for Kerniston, and I like her very, extremely much and Shelby, what about her? So are you guys coming or what? I’m going to see him, laying all jokes aside and Ctentri I’m going to tell him everything and after he freaks out. After he have me arrested, I’ll join you in Paris as soon as I’m out of prison, I promise, good, and on that note my drama queen of a sister, I have to go, can't have jail birds in my life, Godspeed, goodbye, coward!}}}     >>>“You made a decision yet? That’s just it,” coming out, from the bed wiping her running nose, into blinking back nearing tears, alarm, just what was it her brothers wanted her to remember? “Supposed Phearce I remember this most horrid thing, that not only did this man I loved and trusted beyond description horridly attacked me, but that my best friend in all the world Phearce, attacked and killed him? Supposed Rome is guilty!” Seeing a weary, quite superb husband Phearson McPhearson is to come up into a seat alongside of the bed, was a sensitive to upset  Regan Central remembering yet the expert testimony he gave only a day passed. “My god Phearce I know you’ve considered that, ah god baby,” coming upon her instantly, seeing she’s to breakdown, apart additionally, at grabbing her, at fitting his forward hard pressed to hers, did Phearson fear this very thing, how these needful testaments would be a bewilderment quite sword like. “I’m so sorry, god, I’m so sorry, of course I think about it and if he did this, I don’t know whether to be sad for him Rig or glad.  “I know,” as one spinning off at rubbing heighten nerves along chilled arms did she consider getting to the kitchen, making coffee, how just the smell of it would be soul medicating.“I know, god what is wrong with us? “Nothing, we’re human, eventually Rig we’ll kneel, we’ll seek the Supreme's’forgiveness and guidance and Phearce we’ll do what is right. To be honest, in my heart, and do I prayed hard at his rescue Phearce, I truly believe Rome is telling the truth, I mean beside you and my brothers, he’s one of the most sincere persons, men, I know.  If he hurt or even killed in defense, he would not deny it, he would not, he would face his accusers and prosecutors first hand. So I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t have to be afraid for him and look at these test as a manner of proving to him, to us all, just what an upstanding person Roman Neal truly is. What?” Seeing he’s to shake a smile, a form of bedazzlement at her, did Regan Central as always simply amaze him, ”ah it’s gonna prove what an exceptional person my wife is as well, ah, I’m dying for coffee, ah yes, me too, race you to the kitchen, ahhh, you know you’re kidda, you know, what, with child? That from the most gorgeous anchorman of the entire free world, even more so after that seductive testimony, yet this national spill over, that’s his lame excuse? "Ok, the last one to the kitchen Rig is a rotten cook, ah, I can’t believe you said, ah, I’m gonna so beat you, ok, ok, ready, set, go!”    

                                         …The Quiver Rattled Against Him…

                                                           Regan XIV

     {Hello"}, waking him from a pleasured sleep, glancing bedside into the clock, who could be calling him at this hour? Is this Mr. Vincent?” Yes,” springing up quite mesmerized, along a thick swallow, certain it was her, it was Caddy, was this an alarming but welcome wakeup call. “Yes, this is Mr. Vincent, Caddy, is that you? Yes, it’s me, me and aunt Tenny, guess where we are? Bringing tears into his eyes, edging along his nose at casting the covers off into a better seat, no stand into the curtain, the slightest peek out the window, seeing only that it was a sunny day. “I could never guess, where are you guys? On a plane, really, on a plane? We coming to you, to me? As one leg by leg pulling his pants on, getting to the kitchen, his mouth dry, thirsty, boy was he thirsty. “Who’s there with you?” Cutting her eyes around the circumference of the aircraft was it fully loaded with all type of people, “everyone, no baby doll, who’s with you? I said aunt Tenny, ah you did say, I’m sorry you did say, you alright Mr. Vincent? Yes, sure, I had a long night, so, I guess I’m kind of, so you can’t meet us at the airport, when we arrive?” Now able to hear someone was leading her, Vincent guessed this is what Ctentri’s warning was about and indeed was he ready? Well sure honey, I’ll be glad too, will you put aunt Tenny on, Hello there, I know I have some, what is going on? I had to come, I’ll explain better when we arrive, but for now, nearly six years ago Kyler and I did something foolish, so please just let me explain once I’m there, sure, your ETA? To be honest we’re reading to land, ok, I’ll get there as soon as possible, thank you Vincent, its Branch, right Branch, see you soon.”     >>> “I talked to Rig yesterday, really, why didn’t you tell me,” laying his head upon her soft, warming belly, her breaths moving to and fro, at a play of her fingers in his tresses, had he been contemplating the best time to tell her. “Her lawyer brothers want her to go under hypnosis, hypnosis, why? They think because of the head trauma she could to be hording some repressed memories, you know that there are things that could’ve happen that she just don’t remember. I don’t understand, come up here,” that she’s to bring him to eye level at understanding, could she tell by the conversation there was concern. “What is going on? Well I could tell Rig was concern, that she was like nervous, the legal teams, both hers, mine, the legal team? You’re talking Rig brothers, yeah, yeah, I know, damn it!” Seeming to frustrate him at the very mention, did he agitatingly spring into a seat, even up from the bed to the nearest chair.  “Regan either don’t know, or she don’t remember how it was, she didn’t see Henry die and that poses a problem, what? I don’t, that perhaps Celeste sweetheart I killed him, do you get it now! Ok, ok, please calm down, but you didn’t, you didn’t and how Celeste do you know that? Because I could tell Rig wasn’t so sure and that uncertainty babe terrified her, I could hear it in her voice, and she don’t want to remember because she think I’m guilty of what happen to Henry. No!” Seeing the glistening of new tears forming in her eyes, could Roman Neal tell how hurt his wife Celestial was that he was hurting, would this heart and soul break ever be behind them?  “I know Rig, she believes the truth, that what happen is exactly what you said happen, yeah well Celeste suppose I did discover him attacking Rig, that when I realize this inconceivable horror I by a rage incomprehensible attacked him and killed him? You’re scarring me,  ok, stop this, you’re, shhhhh, I’m sorry,” coming again into her a darling, warm embrace, comfort, scent, was Roman Neal beating himself up that he didn’t arrive there sooner, and now that sorely nagging inquiry, what would’ve happen if he did? “I got to shower, get dressed, we shoot for that Calendar today you know, well can I come, and Lest, have my wife around the most gorgeous men in the world? Ah, at least one of them, my husband, ah, good save, but how do I know you’re to behave? Please Rome, I’ve never been there, to Dissuasion Fashion Center.  You’ve never been, no, ok, I try not to use all the hot water, ahhh, that mean I, ah my God!” Suddenly remembering, shrieking aloud whether she’s to have the proper thing to wear to the most elaborate fashion Center in the world. “I’m freaking out, ah I’m gonna call Rig, ah, maybe not, twenty of the world’s most hunky businessmen and my Rome chosen by his top rated company to be one of them.  Ah god, my hair! Wow honey, don’t be surprised if they Celeste whisk you off thinking you’re one of their top models, you look amazing, well I can’t Rome honey look no more amazing than you, my gracious God to life, ah, finally we’ll here.”     >>>”Any manner of prejudice is scary, it like Hitler thinking he’s to rid the world of sin, by killing off all the Jews causing ten million people their lives, if he had instead taken Christ’s Cross and killed himself off those ten million people could’ve lived to have the opportunity to as well do the same.  “That’s genius Teri, just genius, I’ve never heard it put that way, wow, so you guys have Rig decided, you know whether she’s going under as you North honey puts it? We haven’t heard from her as yet, wow what a delicious steak, I know, make you wonder what they do to get them so mouthwatering.  Did you see Wedding Now, they’re yet showing Phearce’s testimony about cleavage, yeah but he and Rig found that because they both agreed, like surrendered completely to one the other, it can’t be one sided.  I think people are reluctant or they’re just shy about sharing their sex life with God, yeah not realizing as surely as he created man both male and female, married he created them to procreate sexually, then come roman, cleavage, wow Mr, Andy.  Herein our love life, when in reality it’s the greatest of His concern if he’s going to deal with mankind according to their heart’s desire, he solved that problem, marriage, with both the husband and wife loving and respecting one another as Christ did the church and gave, sacrificed himself for it, to win her over unto himself for all eternity. Well there I go talking too much, ah North said you Teri lost a husband and child, yes, the fever, ah scarlet, about half of my village died that year, my mom took sick but revived, it was a really bad year.  You don’t believe me?” Ah, I never said, not Maddy girl with the mouth, but with the heart you have little trust of me, I talk too much of Holy Spirits, healing hands and all, right? I don’t think babe that’s but North you are not correct, if she is sincere," fanning the stunner she was, those seeming to pierced the intents of their hearts straight-through, Nefeterrie knew how they all felt, even the husband, North,"the entire arrangement here,  Arrangement you talk of us as, I want to see Regan, she is such a bright star, ok babe I’m right behind you, you guys ok? Sure North why wouldn’t we be? Well South I give you two words, Regan Central, her upcoming test of all test, right, right”     >>>”Ok who is she? Ah that’s Roman Neal’s wife, wow, yeah, ah get me nineteen of our top female models up here proto, are you thinking what I’m thinking, if you’re thinking how, wondering  how well would she look in swim wear, weather she’s to agree to pose with her husband and whether she’s to do it for charity, yes, ah, then Sissy we’re in a delay, the models who’re married, engaged, in a relationship, see if they can get their other half’s here and how fast? Well if they agree, my god woman you know what I want, yes Mrs. Coogan right away, so who’s going to talk to her you or me? How about we just call both of them in here, tell them our new plans and see how it goes, it is Erica millions of dollars, all for charity, how do they resist? I wonder who does her hair, I love it, yeah I wonder about her skin Erica, her skin, yes, it’s edible flawless, can't you see that, as their description yes, genius, we may get a perfume from this”              

                                          …The Glittering Spear And The Shield…
                                                               Scene XV

     ”I know love what you are contemplating,” getting up roughly from the breakfast table with dishes, a questionable coffee cup in hand, did he want more, even need more? I think Phearce I know that you know, we being, becoming one heart, that it was the moment I laid eyes on Herenton weeping family, Ah I knew, I understood and what about my heart, our heart that weep so severely, my god Rig, I’m so terrorized by this pending decision I can hardly breath. That’s we my love, we can hardly breath, you can’t do it, I won’t let you, I can’t, yet sweet one,” with both of them simultaneously swabbing dampen cheeks, little could they phantom the greatest trial, the inhuman looting of flesh and blood or this sacrifice now such the heart marauder at lay a carrssing ear to his still beating heart. “You can, you will, I’ve been wondering why, not the vicious ransacking of my personal self this once stellar human being all at once became, but the pregnancy, At banging my head Phearce relentlessly, even our heads still trying to figure it out, until in that court room that very day it was all made clear to me, they need him more. More! My god is Christ Rig how could you?“ As one truly crying, truly this emotional breakdown, apart as he’d fallen this deeply in love and honor. “I dare you speak of them needing him more, how could you betray, make love to me, what! But you’re, I may hurt, no, you won’t, I want little Henry to feel what we’re feeling right now in his blood, I want him to be anointed by the indescribable cleavage we’ve discovered, even sanctified by it, make me Phearce your blood as one this very minute.”Shinning those stunning, tearing greens into his own leaking eyes deigning his cheeks, neck, the sure magnificence she is over and through, this irresistible enticement, it’s erupting to steaming blood desire all over and through them both. “Let’s begin our future procreation right here, right now, while he is still with us, now?” But Phearce McPhearson had never done anything like this before, he’d never been with a woman, let alone a wife, how mighty was he rushed upon with questionable concern, how immense with uncertainty yet so extensive was his longing after her, to be inside her, them, all of them, how senselessly he’d craved this very day. “Don’t you see, baby, I want little Henry to know us this way, this divine love affair, not just Herenton’s way,” diving so urgently into every non-sense word, this anxious after her, this firing, tingling all over and through longing for, those sweet ears, neck, that mighty to involve him, even dissolve him scent, even her sweet, hot lips on his bare breast, taking this her ravenous fill, this their immortal, nail-biting, toe curling, heart panting Juttah marriage bed.     >>>”Ctentri was right, you are really good with her,” smiling along witnessing Cadence Nicole move off to play with other kids, Tennyson decision to come to New York proving itself a wise Ideal. “To be honest, she has trusted me from day one, like there’s some magical kinship, magical or spiritual? I need to tell you Vincent, Branch, it’s Branch, ok, Branch, I believe Caddy is the way she is about you because she is yours, mine, what you mean she’s mine, as in she’s your daughter.  Howwha, it’s something Ky and I conspired to do years ago while she was a medical aid and you were a donor, a sperm donor, ah, Ky was, ah she couldn’t conceive, she’d been trying for years, she tried to convince Thomas, the husband, he flatly refused, and she came up with this lame brain ideal, and why are you Branch acting as though none of this is shocking to you? Ah believe me I am, as you say shocked, I’m as well Tennyson sitting here wondering how many laws have you broken and how long would be your stay in prison? So you’re going to turn me in? I’m also thinking, he was right, Phearce was right, he suspected this, he couldn’t put all the pieces of the puzzle together, but he suspected this, I can’t believe that son of a bitch was right.  So this is really why Kyler left her with me? Ky is fatally ill and her being this ill, well it’s like she’s trying to cross and dot all her mistakes, and she could no longer rest without you knowing, it became like this precondition,” as one swabbing a speedy tear getting down and all around, “if I wanted to adopt Caddy I had to make this right, you had to know about what she, what we’d done, I was the acting surrogate and we kind of shared custody with me as acting aunt/godmother.  So when you refused Kyler grabbed Caddy and brought her here, yes, which remind me, in a parchment she send me, she’d said you’d had a dream about all of this? Sort of, ah, well,” not as yet wanting to get into the tale, lengthy tale of the hurricane/coma melodrama, at just the thought was his chest burning with regret, like salt in an open womb. “Something like that yes, you ready to go? I do have appointments to get to, so you guys need to lay over at my place or do you, no , we have a place, Ky left me her place, so we’ll be there for the duration of this visit, Branch, I can’t tell you how sorry, we didn’t think, we were so blind by the sure ideal of it all, we didn’t think, please. please forgive me.”      >>> ”knock, knock, babe, you in there? Yes,” as one cutting the bath waters off, wondering whether she’d over did it with the bubbles, as they were like racing toward the ceiling, I’m making a bath, well can I like see you, please, yeah, sure, hey,”opening the door rather hastily did it like startle him into seeing she was ok, even that she’d ready a bubble bath, reminding him again, how she never used the shower. “You sure you ok? I woke up and you’d, you know, I’m better than ok, I am fabulous, ok, good, so am I, fabulous and famished, really, you want something, ah, after your bubble bath that is, you want me to wash your back, look are we going to talk about what just happen? I’m sure Phearce but not while my bath is getting cold, ok, you were amazing I, I never, we Juttah husband, we were amazing, I’ll be in the kitchen eating up everything I can possibly find, ok dear husband, see you there.

                  …He Swalloweth The Ground With Fierceness and Rage…

                                                       Scene XVI
     “I’m coming, just so you know I need my door, Vince,” seeing he’s to look this mess of himself, that if he said or even thought the wrong thing too loud he would just crumple to pieces emotionally. What is it and do you want to come in?  Is she here, is Regan Central here? Ah, yes, the bath, you was right, right about, about Kyler and Caddy, she is the result of them tampering with,” seeing his eyes are to fill with tears along his literally stumbling into the nearest seat, what in blazes had him so stirred, what indeed? “With my, the, ah donations I made, the ah, you know right? What are you talking about and why are you Vince, you know, crying? I’m not crying,” springing up quite pissed off, Phearce McPhearcson didn’t know what his best friend in all the world called it but for all he knew, positively those were tears. “Look just calm down and, she’s the result of sperm tampering, mines, Caddy is, just like you suspected and I hope to hell Phearce this isn’t just another episode of coma or I’m gonna kill myself.  Stop it, you and I both Vincent know you’ll never do anything as stupid and ridiculous as all that, never an escape, never an option, remember? So I assume this Tennyson confirmed all of this? Yes, said it was Kylers dying wish, that I know, man I so want to report them you know, but you didn’t see her face, nor have you heard the reason, you know. What’s wrong? You seem a bit unease, give me a moment, I need to check something, why don’t you get something to drink, I’ll be right back.  “Knock, knock,” unease was an understatement, Regan just seem a bit quiet for comfort, he wouldn’t admit it but Vince speaking of suicide, that’s what Regan was on, this covert manner of suicide watch. “Babe, hey, you ok?” Jet setting those keen, lovely eyes on the door knob he so wanted to test, even without her permission move in on her, hoping she wouldn’t try anything stupid, that she wouldn’t hurt herself, the babe. “Regan hun, can you hear me, can I come in? I hear you, I’m glad you knocked, I actually fell asleep, I’ve never done that before, ah, we have company, Vince is here, would like to see you if it’s ok, ah, yeah, I’ll be right out. So what you gonna do? I don’t know Phearce man, what would you do? I think Vince man I have, I married Regan, so you’re saying I should marry my betrayer? Well I don’t think it’s as bad as all that, when you think about it Vince they didn’t really see the harm, it was donated sperm, but now it’s this stunning little girl and her just as amazing father, ah mother to be I guess. Hey Vince, what a surprise,” coming into a lovely hug of his neck, did Regan Central always feel and spell as remarkable as she appeared. “How nice that you’re to visit, how are things? Ah, I think I’m getting married, married, but I didn’t even know you were serious about anyone, ah, it’ sudden, I guess like you and my best bud here, well you’re glowing and if she’s to do that, then I’m glad for you.  You going somewhere? I met with Barbra Coogan today, I thought you knew, and, I’m sorry I thought I was going with you,” this mental breakdown himself of being reminded of the disastrous attempt of theirs to consummate, ah, the vows of matrimonial commitment, seeming all he’d done was devastate her, and he was now so sorry, thinking he should’ve known better. “No, I much rather do this on my own, and I much rather Regan be with you, please Phearce understand and don’t be hurt, then call me, ah as soon as you get there and just as you ready to leave, I will, I promise, and you, I can’t wait to meet her, thanks, be safe. I can't Rig, I can't, if I don't come with you, I/m sure to follow, that I can promise, ok, I guess we're both going. You think that’s why Tennyson is here, even what Ctentri was warning me about? What I think Vince, Branch, I still don’t believe I didn’t know your actual first name, suppose I can’t do this, suddenly come Phearson fears instead, although he and iwife Regan had been exceptional together, they were yet to intercourse. "Be with my wife Vince, Branch, hell, the way she need me to be, the way I need her to be? I know this Phearce, that as long as you walk by fear and not faith and no one know what that is better than you, you never will, stop feeling guilty for being human, this is nature, all you have to do is that which comes natural and on that note my superb friend I have a proposal to get to. You know she’s going to think I’m insane, yeah, but this kind of insanity, that you’re to make a good sacrifice of yourself is rather good, kinda like looking in the mirror I guess, kind of, really Phearce? Good evening, I’m starving and can’t wait Vince to raid the frig, my frig, me first, hey, guess in the house, guess go first, I feel a race coming on, wait where is your kitchen?”      >>>“I know Regan why your legal guardian want you here, but that doesn’t tell me why you are here, I’m here because they, ah my brothers want me here and I think I need to be here, to remember. Just what is it Regan you’re to remember, even that you need help doing so? You want me to get into the assault right, that a man I knew and trust to be my husband for life, viciously raped me, for a time killed me and slipped up killing himself and all doing so, and now, now I’m pregnant.  I knew, I knew the moment I saw Henry’s parents, especially his weeping mom, I knew what to do with the, ah, you know, the pregnancy, unwanted ah pregnancy. You say that Regan as though you don’t feel free to do exactly that, or that you’re undecided, I thought it was a perfect ideal, ah solution, until I realize, considered, well supposed like me they don’t want to raise a child that is a result or even a victim of, of, assault, that just as I’m to be reminded of what my fiance became, they’re to be reminded of it, of what their son, ah he. It’s a boy, Herenton Egan the III, this forever reminder you know, how long has it been Regan since you’ve known its gender and why or who helped you come to the painstaking decision of naming him after your attacker? Well, no one, it was decided long ago, by Herenton and myself, that our first son would carry his name? What do you think Dr. Coogan, you think they’re going to want him? All I know is Phearce is furious with me, if you don’t know, he’s my husband by the Juttah vows, yes Regan, I actually expected him to be with you. Well I asked him not to, he doesn’t think the Lowds are worthy of little Henry, that perhaps with them, it would definitely be a like father, like son scenario.  I remind him that Henry’s parents weren’t responsible for Henry becoming so horrible, that such the monster sit dormant in every man’s heart, that actually although he was a tall, stunning performance, just immaculate inwardly he was this potential to, to, well, to do what he did. Well have you Regan spoken to Herenton’s parents about what you’re planning? No, I didn’t even know myself until hours after court, how perfect a solution it would be, I’d been contemplating a close adoption, but never did I realize how they, Henry’s parents need him more than any other, even more than you Regan, his mother? Ok, I’m terrified, terrified how I’m to feel and treat him after what his father did, what if I can’t predisposition him from his father becoming like that? With that Regan being the real underlining fear right, this unknowing of the heart? I don’t see anything wrong with your decision, that’s it’s a major sacrifice Regan, but you’re going to have to sit down with his parents, tell them what you want to do and why. Why? Ok, it can’t be because I don’t want him, didn’t you Regan just tell me it’s because you think he’s to be best for them and they for him, that it’s like an ultimate second chance for all concern, even for father Herenton himself? So how does it work, the hypnosis I mean? It’s rather simple, but Regan I don’t want you waking up from what you may see or realize without spousal support, I mean since you have a spouse. One that you trust, you do trust him right? Yes, yes I do, ok so we’ll set up your next visit with your attending husband and get this one trial behind us unto the next.  I can Regan if you want set up a family session with you and the Lowd’s, I can be right here as the two sides decide Herenton the third, fate, only Regan with your permission of course, yes, that would Dr. Coogan be most appreciated, it’s Barbara or Barb, I’ll call them, explain how you want a session with them and get everyone on board.  “Thank you, be safe, you as well Mrs. McPhearson,” the first time being called by Phearce name, did it send like warm, even jittery feelings of assurance all over and through, just  this remarkable coziness of Phearson McPhearson all over and again, “Mrs. McPhearson, I like that, I really like that.”     

                       …Neither Believeth He That It Is The Sound Of The Trumpet…

                                                            Scene XVII

      ”Hey, I  could Branch say Caddy wanted to see you, but I wanted to see you as well,” having a seat to a park bench to him at watching a truly blissful Cadence Nicole scatter off to play with others, it’d been a few weeks since her jaw dropping confession. “I must admit Tennyson I’m baffled by one single uncertainty, how are you and Kyler to know it’s me out of thousands of donors? Yes, well, you Vin, Branch, you must realize this wasn’t an off the top of our head decision, but a well sort out plan, Kyler actually stalked you and chose you.  If you remember Branch she was the one who persuaded you along these various donations thus taking charge of you from day one, it was even why she volunteered for the study, Kyler chose you, you reminded her most of husband Thomas. Kyler, well before she left me with Caddy and disappeared, she said you guys had like this huge argument, well, nothing was as it seem, it was all a dream turn nightmarish. Thomas became suspicious, wanted Cadence tested, he having cancer of the bone marrow, meant his closest relatives could be like this blood donor, that made Caddy a perfect candidate, but she couldn’t and though Kyler concocted all these various reasons why she couldn’t, anyway he knew and he became very aggressive toward Caddy. The argument was about the volatile environment Caddy was now in, this partial custody wasn’t satisfactory, you wanted full custody, to protect her, and there Branch entered this family feud I guess you can say.  Speaking of family, I talked to Ctentri, he’s trying to get Caddy and I to visit him in Paris, Paris, I’ve always wanted to go, I’ve been all around the world and back, but strangely never to Paris, well how about it? It could be like this family outing, I know it would tickle Caddy pink, Centri even more pink, and you, just what color Tennyson are you to turn? I’ll think about it, I promise, now to have a swing with my, with her before I have to get back to work, sure stunning man, swing away.”     >>>{{{The Lowds residence, this is Mrs. Lowd speaking, Mrs. Lowd, this is Mrs, Dr. Barbara Coogan speaking, I’m Regan Central psychological counselor, Regan Central has expressed interest of having a session with you and, I’m not interested. So you don’t know, know, know what, that my oldest son Herenton is dead all because of her, you don’t know that Regan Central is devastatingly pregnant, pregnant, Regan?” Both hearing and seeing son Darius Nigel is to come, did she move as to cower the astonishing conversation away, truly what unthinkable disclosures, did he hurriedly take the stairs straight away. “I’m afraid Dr, Coogan I don’t understand, Regan Central is carrying your grandson, she has named him Herenton, the third after your son and is planning to hand him over full custody to you if you will agree,” with nearing tears stinging her mightily in her nostrils, at tightening her throat, even her heart, blood crippling and bedazzling her into a breakdown right there on the phone, Mother, Mother Lowd, are you alright?” Literally collapsing to the floor did youngest son Kesane come to her rescue call out for  brother Darius’s help, “what is going on, mother! Call 911, no, no, just get me something to drink, some water, please, you sure, I’m sure Kesane son, I’m sure, we should at least call father, tell him no, you will not, listen to your mother, take the phone, tell Dr,  Coogan to set the appointment and we’ll be there, here, just do it. Hello, hello, who am I speaking to, this is Darius Lowd, my mother said to tell you to set the appointment and we will be there, is she ok? Yes, ah, she is fine, thank you doctor, I guess we will see you soon.”     >>>”And I’m telling you what I heard right before mom went into that attack, there was something about Regan being pregnant, she was celibate you know before, you know, so it’s not that far-fetched she would be pregnant, ok, but why do, what does it have to do with us? Right you mean beside Herenton was, ah is our brother, I’m going over, you what? I’ve been wanting to, even needing to since court, come on Key, don’t tell me you don’t feel it too?  That we need to make amends toward her regarding Henry, come on , just what Darius man are you going to say to her? It’s not about that, I just want her to know we’re not angry at her, that we yet consider her our sister. That we want to be there for her, that we Key man love her and appreciate her, that’s what she need from the Lowd family, that’s exactly what she need. Then maybe she won’t feel so guilty, did you see how she kept apologizing, that even we won’t feel so, ah, guilt,  I know you don’t want to, that it’s even keeping you awake at night, but just imagine what she must be going through, and little bro, believe none of what you hearsay.”    

                                                   …He Saith Among The Trumpet…
                                                                 Scene XVIII

     ”You went to my brothers?” hardly closing the door behind her, could the entire weather station partly hear her screaming revulsion at coming unannounced right into his offices. “Somebody had to stop you,  ah my god Phearce, my brothers, you think I could be here, in a Juttah marriage with you, if my brothers had any say so over my life? Calm down, please, my god Phearce who are you! Rig, first Henry and, now, now, I can’t take this, Regan! Horrified that she’s to breakdown along a hard, crippling cry that couldn’t be good, that this was his fault, this was all his fault.  “Ah my god, why is this happening to me? Lisa, please! Lisa, ah my lord what happen? Some water please, Kleenexes, right away sir, right away,” seeing he and Regan Central was this bundle in the floor of explosive collapse,  did assistant Lisa move her fastest to help, “shhhh, baby please, please, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t thinking, I knew it was all wrong, I knew as surely as I thought it. Even as I come into the car and drove to the airport, got on that plane, met with them I knew it was all wrong Rig, but driven my arrogance and pride, thank you Lisa, will there be anything else? No, thanks again, I hope she feel better,” not witnessing anything like it, the way the two were in the floor, all intertwined into one another, both this distress and this reigning knight, were they this one, the cleavage she guess described of Him, by the most popular Wedding Now videos ever. “Well I’ve been so perfect to this point, this can be my strike one, it's two,” raising her head, unfolding themselves into finding the tissues, the water, at moving up, away into the noon day shining right into this office. "That was more like two strikes, Phearce in one, good save by the way, ok, I can accept that, but how much Regan do you trust me? You mean after you betrayed me to my brothers, a million times babe I’m, please, I experienced something recently, I want you to experience, but you would have to trust me completely, and ask no questions. Ask no questions? Not Rig a one, now do you trust me to that extent? I know Rig you do or we wouldn’t be standing here espoused of the Juttah Vows, what is it?” Seeing he’s to quickly wipe a leaking cheek, nose, at remembering what a hard breakdown she was just now and how immensely it frighten him straight through to living blood. “Don’t be alarm, they’re happy tears I swear, I promise, how about some lunch, no doubt you heard my growling stomach while we were wrapped together so permanently, I guess, yes, I’m ready love when you are. So what is, ah I forgot, no questions, right, right Rig, as I said, not a one.”     >>>It wasn’t easy but I got it, so you not going to say where you going all of a sudden? Ahhh,” as one contemplating all of a sudden how he was going to France, how he may return this married man, “no Calvin, I guess not, I’ll see you when I get back, yes, bright and early, a week and a half Vincent from now,  I know how to follow a written leave, you be good, all of you be good.   {{{“Hey can you talk? I got it, I got the leave I asked for, I guess Phearce I’m off to France, I still don’t believe it, not until you call me from there, well I will, as soon as we check in. I’ll raise the communicator, call you and let it all sink in, as long as you, I’ll know whether you’re calling from some local bar. I believe doubting Thomas I have some shopping to do, so when you gonna tell Tennyson? I’m sure she and Caddy has shopping to do as well, shopping that the three of you Vince can do together, that was a hint right? You know I have to ask, I’ve never been good at getting hints, have a safe trip, I love you be good.  How would you Phearce pop the question, ah ask her, ah to marry and all that, how? Remember that nature thing you talked of recently and thus doing what’s natural? I guess there wise one you’re going to have to practice what you preach, that’s it? That’s your expert advice? See there, now you know exactly how it feel taking your own medicine, not so tasty huh? Happy Paris, yeah, yeah, thanks from nothing."   

                               …Ha, Ha, And He Smelleth The Battle Afar Off…
                                                              Scene XIX

     ‘Hello Regan, ah Darius,” to say she was stun was an understatement, was she as well a bit started, not knowing if Darius Nigel Lowd  meant good or harm. "Darius, what a surprise, may I come in, or, ah yes, please, I’m sorry, you need any, please, Regan, is he here, ah your new husband? No, went to the store, I’ve been wanting to come by for the longest,” tall, stunning, expert, just this younger spiting imagine of his older brother Herenton Egan to the T,  did Regan feel a bit intimidated hoping Phearson would just as soon walk through that door.  "Like I said, I’ve been wanting, to, I’m so sorry about what happen to you, that Herenton our brother became this madman and did what he did.  The three of us Regan, Key, Keg and myself, we all want you to know that we yet consider you our sister, that we would love to have a relationship with you as such, we love you,” as one coming upon a gracious hug of her, was it here Phearson McPhearson soon getting an eye and heart full as he walked into the room, this curius interruption. “I can’t tell you Darius how much that mean to me, to us really, ah Phearce is here,  hello Phearce,” coming into an anxious, quite courteous shake of his hand, was it like looking at a younger version of Herenton Lowd dead center.  “I want you to know I, well we Lowds appreciate how well you’re  caring after our sister, she is glowing and that glow Phearson," as one literally hesitating to say, but was he laying it on really thick causing Phearson to suspect his true intentions. It’s proof there truly is some triumph to be had after tragedy, I mean this Regan, we do, we truly like to be a part of your life, so call us if you need anything, and I pray it’s ok that we’ll to do the same, yes, certainly, good day to you two, have a blessed life too.  Wow, I would say Rig I walked into the twilight zone, but what was eerie at the first, what an oddly perfect young man. That Phearce, what Darius was right there, that is how expert Henry was when I first met him. "Well,"  taking a deep breath out the door, that he's done what he'd practiced in his head over and over again, "got that done," as one watching the glove compartment drop open at revealing a loaded hand gun, something Darius Nigel had contemplated, especially since the news of Herenton’s outrage and onslaught of terror. Instead her name was Addie (Addyson Mycale Wells), as one closing the compartment, pulling out, driving off in direction of the nearest lake so he could pitch the temptation to cause not only himself bodily to fatal harm away. "Forgive me father for contemplating such a horrid, horrid thing, {“Hey sweetheart, you at home? Yeah, well can you come outside? I’m at the lake right around the corner, the sound of the birds are so beautiful,"  Darius and Addie (Addyson) had been dating two years and a half at the most, she’d been waiting on him to pop the question for at least a year in, Though reluctant did he not think himself ready for such the responsible, responsible enough to blow his head to kingdom come, and hell to follow, but not responsible enough to be an adult otherwise and marry this girl and make themselves happy if only for the shortest time. "So I’ll be there in less than a minute, no come outside, I’ll meet you on the porch, I have a favor to ask, what kind of favor? Just come out, smiling that dazzling manner of Herenton Egan glow along the wild flowers he’d picked for her, had he after ridding himself of that wmd brought forth the diamond engagement ring he’d purchased nearly six months passed.     >>>”Really Phearce, a blind fold?” That straight from the restaurant was this little charade  of a surprise in which Regan Central couldn’t questioned, just trust apparently was on , “I just hope my husband Phearson McPhearson is fully able to practice what he’s to preach, is that my darling a threat?” As one fitting the blind fold just right, did a six door limousine pull up and at him fondly fitting them both in the back seat asking the driver to take them to the proposed location, just so you know, with me being this full and blind fold, it’s only going to make me sleepy, then sweet one place your head right here,” that’s in his warm, delicious smelling, soothing chest, music, it wasn’t long before they were both asleep.  “Young sir, your locale,” some two hours later were they being awaken, Phearce to the light of day, Regan Central regretfully yet having a blind fold to absurdity as yet. “Will you Alfred tell the Misses I said hello and Godspeed, for a certainty young master I will, for a certainty, Alfred? Was a lead Phearson’s way, sorely curious Regan Central thinking, asking, who was this mystery, Batman? So what are you thinking so far, I’m thinking love just how much longer will I be blind, and the day of the big payback, I see,” laughing out loud at her, could Regan feel the atmosphere change, even the smell, the sound all around, that they were not alone, and just as soon they were on a gliding escalator upward, the mall perhaps. “If you will sit tight right here my love, I’ll be right back, no peeking, Rig, I promise, no peeking. “Is anyone there?” As one feeling blindly along the bench, into the space all around, thinking Phearce said no peeking, not that she couldn’t ask. “Can you tell me where I am,  no Rig I can’t but good try, ok well I got to go potty, all that water and tea I had, ok, well, there’s nothing wrong with that, I’m sure you can go potty without seeing, no cheating Rig, I just caught you trying to cheat., this is the door, pushing into a heavy door, glancing down could she see the porcelain, and soon the toilet, but nothing else, nothing to tell her where she was.  {{{“Hello, Phearce here, so how is it all going? I just caught her Vince trying to cheat, searching, feeling and asking all around, it’s killing her not knowing, yeah Phearce my boy but what you got planned is going be well worth it and far beyond. So you got this ideal just by her standing in the office window, glowing in the sun, yeah, it reminded me of, you know and I knew right then I had to take her there, ok, well I’ll see you guys when you return, take lots of pictures and videos. And you guys? Ah we’re leaving Tuesday, we came to that conclusion after hours of shopping ended within the ice cream shop, alright there, take your own advice, pictures and videos.”     

                     …The Thunder Of The Captains And The Shootings…
                                                          Scene XX

     “So how angry are you? Very, well at least you just spoke to me,” coming out with him unto a priceless balcony, overlooking pristine lands and landscapes as far as the eyes could see, even a herd of antelope. “You’re telling me Phearce you grew up in a royal palace, let me rephrase, a Royal palace in Edinburg Germany? I grew up with my, that bedroom is bigger than our apartment and the furnishings, paintings and sculptures all appear to be legendary, like priceless artifacts, relics and such. I was afraid to sit on that bed let alone lie or sleep in it, so when I removed the blind fold you was totally surprised, well Phearce, finding myself on a private jet was one thing, but unveiling this place to me, just who Phearce did I marry, who are the Mc Phearsons? They are people like you Rig, like me, they just stem from a long line of royalty, they Phearce, what, you’re trying to tell me you’re not a million to billionaire? They Rig, they are the, as you say Billionaires, I simply wanted to get you away from a norm that was seeming no more, so, so, so you thought you would whisk me off by a private jet to Germany, well is it working? Once I get off the initial shock perhaps, as you’ve already seen babe they’re really good people, even God fearing, when I refer to my grandmother, that’s Grandma Mavis, the one Rig greeting you, well us with hugs and kissing I’m the most acquainted with, so they are your, my father’s parents, Phearson McPhearson the 3rd, I’m sorry the third, meaning you’re a fourth generation McPhearson? Yes, I don’t know, should I have Rig kept this side of my life from you and if I did how would I have ever shown you this inconceivable scenery? Ah, Vince, he know about all of this? Yes, he knows, it is breathing taking, but to grow up with and around all this, who need heaven? This is like heaven on earth, only Rig it’s not, nothing on the earth will fulfill that reality but Christ’s Millennium Reign, there is nothing like him ever, but this place Phearce, you have to admit, it’s a close second, without all the troubles I guess you’ll right. I keep waiting to awaken from a dream, so can you take any more surprises, will I have to be blindfold? No, no more blindfolds, I now Regan Central have nothing else to hide,” as one fondly offering a fold of his elbow/arm his way at leading her his, a wondrous get away from beyond horrors of life unto methods of suicide, “lets continue the tour shall me.”     >>>”You swear not to get angry? Why would I get angry? I bought that for you like six months ago, six months ago, ah my god, six months ago really? It’s, I can’t believe it, well, your dad isn’t going to be angry, that I didn’t ask him first? I’m sure dad is going to be so happy for me he’s not going to care.  So you was talking about how amazing the lake, yeah,” the lake where Darius Makhi Lowd just pitched the loaded weapon he’d contemplated offing himself with, he didn’t care whether he visited that lake ever again.  “Ok, we’ll talking long or short engagement? I’ll let you decide, really, me, the court house Darius isn’t that far from here, the Juttah Vows,” as one reaching into his back pocket, pulling free  to unfold a suspicious paper, like did he really have a copy of those special vows and what would it all mean? “Are my love even closer, nall,” playfully snatching them from him, running off fondly as he’s to give chase, soon stumbled to the ground this wrestle and tussle about, it was written upon for sure, but not as husband to be teased of the Juttah Vows.  “I tell you what, which one of us has the most recent birthday, we’ll marry one week later exactly, now pretty lady I’ll leave the rest to you, you’re so serious, I am, I am serious, this young lady of my heart is really serious, call me young lady once more and it’s all off.  I got to go, meet me at Halls later, I’ll think about it, be there young, ah, my beloved or be, or lose me forever, I guess I’ll see you there then, you know I won’t be alone, neither will I, it’s good we have something worth celebrating.” {{{“Darius here,” as one getting away to his car, communicator in hand , at ear, to say she’d prayed such a day would come, surely this was that day and how jealous every woman in her life would be, enemies, friends and even her mom.  >>>”A billion dollars for your thought Mrs. McPhearson, yeah well don’t tempt me, this incredible place is tempting enough, I just like to see Mr. McPhearson persuade me back home, like that’s hard, there is Rig no place like home, yeah, good try, E for effort even. Joking aside, what about the unborn, what will you tell them? Nothing, there’s no reason to right, now that you’re, you know, handing him off to the Lowds, we’ll be parents soon enough and I’ll have just as much to tell or even more. You think that’s why Darius came to see you, that you be encouraged all the more? No, I don’t think so, I don’t believe that at all, there’s a brother Kentrel and a sister Martinique too, I believe they sincerely want to continue a friendship even a relationship with me.  Yeah if these were the ancient of days Darius would be expected to take you as his wife, no one but you Phearce would think of that, no one but you, so you didn’t think of that? My good sir, madam, lunch is served on the veranda, very will William good man we will join you just as soon, how, how what? How did you go from this to being a meteor gist in the states of America, it’s what I wanted to be after all those days of watching how it all work,”  seeing they’re to have particular visitors stopping him in his tracks, along his conversing, it wasn’t even that they had visitors but who they all were, “gramps watched it faithfully and I watched with her. Ah my god, it is you,” running happily upon him, granting him a gracious hug were there a few others happily anticipating an alike greeting, “this is my wife, your wife? Yes, this is Regan Central, Regan, well all round,  this is Jeffery, Canary, Allister,  Markston and Hillary,” with all of them anxious to both meet and greet them both, had this seeming simple visit turn into a family reunion of sorts. “Of us all, we want to know everything, like how did, is the, you come to know one the other, that Hill is a long story, were we going so soon? Time is ours yes, yes, time is ours.”      

                            …Doeth The Hawk Fly By Thy Wisdom…
                                                          Scene XXI

     “It’s the tribe I’m telling you, they’re as incredible to be and work around as they are to read behind, you all will have to meet them while you guys are here, and you think that’s possible, possible, I’m telling you Branch they’re as everyday people as all of us, they’re not celebrity, not to themselves, they despise such a credit as this, I know, I live, eat and sleep, sleep? Yeah they’ve purchase their own hotel building, at least a four star aboard, it’s were we all live, family, children all, I love it.  Which Ctentri is very apparent, and you two, what you guys have planned? Don’t start, I’m just saying, you’re already parents, what’s stopping you from going all the way, so we make the most important decision in our life as a result? I think brother to be you just asked and answered that question, here’s my wife to be, you guys be good, hey sweetheart,” pulling a chair out to her, tall, slender, blonde, just model caliber, though with Ctrentri being a stunner gentlemen himself, of course Kerniston was all they expected and more. “So Kerniston this is my sister Tennyson, her daughter Cadence, and her, her, my, her friend,” with Branch Vincent leaping in anxiously handing his hand was it obvious to see Ctentri was forming that forbidden word of fiancé on his tongue which would need a bit more explaining with a curious  Cadence Nicole present.  “So Kern, have you lived in Paris all your life? Born yes, raised, so English is a second language for you? My father is English so I’ve been around it, both languages all my life.  I’m learning as well, when we are alone I’m schooled on both languages, so how did you two meet? Ah work, Kern is an editor, the Paris Globe goes out in multiple languages so as many foreigners as possible, but here isn’t the English the foreigner? How about you young lady spending the rest of the day with Kern and I, huh, huh? Let your parents, I mean your mom and Mr. Vincent enjoy some time alone, ‘mom and uncle Vincent sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G”., causing them all to break out in a laugher, truly Ctentri could hardly wait to take her to the Globe Printing Center, show her off, surely he talked about her enough, now for all to meet her. “When was the last time any of you worried with a six year old? You can relax, all of the senior authors are married with children and have a play area at the globe where they spend plenty of time and have tons of fun, yeah Ctentri with them, just the regular, local clown, and very trustworthy, so you guys go, we’ll finish up here, meet you at the Hotel the next, what three hours?” Seeing they’re to come this darling couple most expert to their feet, reluctant but did they get along without Cadence Nicole for now.  “I’ want Ice cream and I little, pretty girl know just the place,” having both of them by the hand at skipping along with them, this was to her a dream come true, all things she wish she could do, go, those people she wished she could be with and here she was.     >>>”What is it? Well I didn’t tell you, but one of SHRINKS doctors agree to set up a session between us and the Lowds regarding little Henry, I didn’t, wait a minute, you brought SHRINKS into this? Yes, of course, they are professionals, my god is Christ you’re really going to go through with this, why can’t you see how perfect this all is, maybe Rig because I don’t have your guilt level, their son viciously mauled you and leave you dead and you feel guilty. Now you’ve decided to make little Henry pay for said guilt with his life, for the rest of his life, right? Like there’s no way possible, no chance that his living with the woman this father horribly terrorized, brutalized and left for dead isn’t to have any lasting repercussions? Do you see, awarding his grandparents custody is better than handing him off to some stranger, this way I can still be a part of his life, you, we can, if you Phearce lay all contention and rivalry aside and think about this one single, selfless thing, this is never going to work unless you are in agreement. I didn’t ask for any of this, this babe is my body naturally reacting to a great injustice and my heart trying to make the best of the two worlds it will be born into.  Anyway Dr. Coogan, learning what I was contemplating thought I should meet with the Lowds, discuss this decision with them. see what they think. I mean supposed they don’t want him, I mean raising a child is a lot of responsibility, suppose at their age, you know, hey, hey, I wouldn’t worry about that, it’s another chance, the only reason as you say he possibly exist. I don’t know Phearce where I would be without you, well, I wouldn’t be in this indescribable place, I mean what did I do to deserve all of this, nothing, God created it all and once we all failed like on this continuous basis, He took on flesh and restored it all, He Is The One Rig, not I, Them, Those over or, in or up there, in the beginning God! We have to Phearce be ready for the case of them not wanting him, I know, but Regan Central my loveliest we’re to cross that great lake only when it’s time, great sir, madam, breakfast is served in the third dining hall, with much gratitude Peteson, we will join you forthwith.”     >>>“Where did you get this?" As one with letter in hand rubbing at a tingling nostril obviously choking her words up to say, "I wrote that Rig months ago, in response to your last letter and chicken out about getting it to you, and now, why now? Well, I , I" he too having a hard time whether to say, whether to share it or trash it away, “I found it the other day, even Rig threw it away, at the time I had no idea what I was saying, but you was saying to, I mean Phearce it’s like this romantic recipe of everything you’ve become, we, Rig, everything we’ve become. You’re not lying to me? Why would I do that, why? It’s just that it so perfect, the timing and all, I Phearce knew nothing about how you truly felt before we became, became, this, at times I even felt guilty, guilty? “That Phearce,” as one visibly stretching stinging emotions skyward at needing some tissue, even searching all round, “I didn’t give you much of a chance, a chance Rig for what, to be an even more proficient screw up? One languishing in the shadow of a future suicide, you and this, us, little Henry too, you gave me meaning, you gave my life something worth doing, I don’t know sweetheart why that is so hard for you to understand, now, right now finally I’m a man." Happily, even pleasingly, "my god Phearce thank you for this,” grabbing this stunning husband into a hug of a kiss, temptingly, tenderly upon those soothing lips, tongue, breath, all tingling and firing her in places still on alert. “Don’t run from me, I need you, do you trust me?" Talking into her awaiting breath, this aching to lavish this delicious one up, of course Regan wanted to lay into him, bring him into places so immense, but how would her body react to this, ah god what to do? A privacy ravaged by this truth-looter. “I can’t," as one wiggling out of his fiery embrace, this coming into making them one in flesh, in love. "I won’t Regan let you go, I swear to God I can’t, just please, I need you, please,"  that those trifling words, breath on her neck and ears, bite and clawing her in places, Phearcson McPhearson droving her plain crazy. “Trust me, just trust me, us, Rig, just try, shhhhhhhhh, just try, shhhhhhhh, just try, I’ll stop whenever you like.  Ah great, the timer," as one finally breaking this piping embrace, with her virginity taken by force, this just didn't feel so safe “I better go and check, I know you want me Rig, I know," as tears poured down her face, turning, walking as she wiped them away. {{{Pierce here,” keeping this look fixed on her as she completely got away.{{{“ah nall, I wasn’t doing anything, I took your advice, I gave her the letter, you was right, she took it as something really special. So why don’t you two come to dinner tonight, celebrate? My treat, your treat huh?” Falling into a seat, throwing up his feet, cutting the set on, thinking again about Regan, even that she’d grown quiet.{{{“So you’re saying I need to get my calendar out and mark the day Branch Dante Vincent said he will pay, like I’ve never paid before, all you can bet you haven’t and of that I’m sure, hold on,” thinking still the house was eerily quiet, not a sound from the kitchen, {{{"hey let me call you back, is everything all right? Just a little quiet, I’ll call you back}}}. Rig!” Seeing the dish removed from the oven, still draped at both ends by those gloves, there was only two exits out of the kitchen, one bringing her back to him and the other out the door, “or did she get passed me? Rig baby you back there!" Abruptly glancing the key rack, hers were missing as a matter of fact, “Rig!” opening the door into a frantic search, it was obvious, her car was gone, thinking what on earth had he done? He should’ve just left her alone, being the queen of a low self-esteem, even as one knocking himself  on the head,“ah my god, what was I thinking?” Quickly dialing the communicator, hoping she's to answer, {{{“hey babe did you tell me you was gone and I just forgot? You know I don’t like you being alone at night, call me, as soon as you get this, please Rig, just call me! Babe, I'm sorry.”}}}    

>>>”I believe you guys are going the wrong way, meeting them dead set the lobby, was Papa Tristian Allum and others, Lion Wolf,  Cheyenne, Marked and a few others all rushing passed Ctentri, Kerniston and their little surprise of Cadence Nicole,  ah the fire, where, “ah today is carnival, it’ll be years before it is return, so we’re  to grab the kids and go, ah you’re right, we are going the wrong way, this you guys is Caddy. So finally we meet,” while getting into the parking garage, getting to their cars, did they all get to meet the special little girl Ctentri was all this talk about. “It would appear young lady you’ve appeared at the most opportune time, you wouldn’t have a little magic about you there, now would you, I mean it is  St. Pete’s day, did you know that? Thirty minutes you guys, be there or be on your own.  Alright there little lady, I’m gonna grab my little kiddies, two of them and we’ll be seeing you in just the Jiffy,” I like him, well if you like him, you’re to like them, they all like that, because they love Jesus and all, you know how long it’s been since I been to the Carnival, no Kern, how long, never, well I’ve never been, so it’s a first for us all, thank you for doing this with us, the pleasure believe me is all mine, hey why don’t we take the train, ah that sound fantastic,  I love the train, of course you do darling, of course you do.”     

                                                         SCENE XXII
     {{{"Yes, hello, hello Phearce, Sondra here, ah, Regan's Lamar's instructor, she's here with me, so
call the paramedics back and tell them you can breathe again, ha ha ha, that's kinda funny, I need to

speak to  my wife.  I know, I know, I just panic, but I didn't, didn't what Rig, mean to worry me, was

that before or after you decided to leave? Ah, we're eating ice cream, that's better than a cold shower I

guess, hello, Phearce," as one frightfully hearing the receiver go silent, still, had they lost,"you told 

me you wouldn't run from me, I know, but, I, I, you frighten me, I'm sorry I what? Quickly swatting a

tear getting along expert features, a floored Phearson couldn't believe what he was hearing. "I just

mean when you was holding me, I felted constricted, like you were, you mean like I was forcing

you?"Responding as one taking a punch in the stomach, "ahhhh my god Rig!" Collapsing horribly

into a seat, as one in horrid tears, never in million years, is this how she's to ever feel. "Phearce,"

hearing how upset he was being, made her upset as well but now to readied tissues, "Phearce baby

hear me, I'm fine, Phearson, my god I'm fine, I can't, ok, you, you're saying I threaten you, you be

honest Rig damn it! Did I at any time I make you feel like Herenton? No, god no! That's not what I

said, Phearce, that's not what I said, hello!" Ingesting hard, even bitterly this heart gripping regret, ok,

ok, I'll be right there, you hear me Phearce I'll be right, no you won't!" Taking the receiver, out of her

hands, knowing she was highly upset, not in any condition to drive. "Phearce, hello, if you hear me,

Regan is coming home, but I'm going to drive her, be there soon, you take care, we'll be right there.  

>>> “What is that little silver box you’re carrying? Ah it’s like a keepsake, I take it everywhere, I’ve prized it ever since I found it under my bed you know, I think he left it just for me.  I don’t know why, why would your uncle give you a bomb? I see that darling, look at the baby carriages, ah my god Caddy you can see rides from here, aren’t you going to ask me what kind of bomb? Ok, Kern okay we’ll play alone, what kind of bomb? Look,” as one fondly opening the silver box to his view, to a curious Cadence, although she didn’t know what she was looking at, Ctentri found himself a bit more alarmed, what was in that silver box actually did look like a bomb. “Wow that really does look like a bomb, yes, and it’s all mine, where did you say you got that? Uncle Mike, he’s part of a resistance group, A., C., N., so how long have you had that? For two days now, I been meaning to bring it on a train ride before now, but I’m glad I didn’t want to be alone, you look so strange, ah, you know that could hurt someone, hurt us, if it was real yes, but it’s not real, nall silly, I even painted it myself, ah,” as one cautiously breathing his heart down his throat, back into his chest, where they coming upon their stop, “that’s our stop, right, Kern?” As one Seeing she was gone, that she was no where to be found, looking all around, up and down. “Where Kern go? I don’t know babe,” that just as he said, there was a loud explosion, sending both he, Cadence and all people, things around them like parasailing cataclysmically into the back of the trail, even outward, that momentarily, they could see the sky, and then nothing but hollering, screaming and fire, panic, much panic.  Cad!” soon coming to his senses, horrified in his heart that Kerniston did actually have bomb, that many people were hurt, even killed, that he couldn’t find Cadence who was right beside him. “Caddy!” Thinking he’s to see her, debree and all, even a just as injured Kerniston, who had no pulse, did he work hard to get Cadence out, who showed some signs of life. “Caddy, my God!” Seeing she’s to open her eyes to him, even manage a single smile did she again fall unconscious, “we can’t stay here,” he could smell fuel, even that a fire was burning, he had get her out, the Carnival would have to wait for now everything would have to wait for now. “I got you little girl,” managing to get her lifeless body up, into his arms, coming out f the wreckage could he here emergency vehicles all around. “My Christ is god, this is insane, where am I, where is everyone, even the sirens are beginning to fade?” Soon finding himself standing side to Cadence side, they both like at a fork in the road, it was like he knew the way home and at the same time he was utterly confused.     “So what would you sir say is good for throat spasm?” Strangely finding himself before a group of reporters at being interviewed, it would seem he and Cadence faired very well, they just needed to get home, then his being with Kerniston, would that make him an accomplice, was he in much trouble? “Ah I know there is a medicine, even a surgery, but who wants to be going under the knife unless they really, really have to, you know.  ‘Yeah, we had to be evacuated to Jerusalem yesterday, man I’m so glad to be back home, Jerusalem of all places, so are they saying how many dead, the train explosion, they’re not saying, only that it’s closed until further notice, the wife and I walked down here for nothing, for nothing I tell you, for nothing.  Can I help you, young man? I’m sorry, soon finding himself before an Asian female street vendor who was after his attention, I said can I help? Speaking in her native language could a bedazzled Ctentri understand her well, soon realizing what she was after as his hands and arms were filled with Kerniston’s belongings, though it’d all been entrusted to him. ”      >>>”Didn’t Ctentri say he would meet us here? Maybe he changed his mind, did something else, hey you guys, breaking news, there’s been an explosion at the rails, an explosion? Yeah, they’re  thinking A.C.N. set a bomb, ah my God, well how many dead? Don’t know, only there’s no survivals so far, I can’t be sure, but I did see Ctentri move in direction of that train, it could explain why he’s not here. “You guys keep trying to reach him, Cheyenne you get the kids home, we’re going to the wreckage, well, just call as soon as you guys talk to him.  {{{“Sioux, hey you heard? Horribly, yeah, Saber and I headed there now, it’s a slim possibility Ctentri might be there, we know he was to join us at the Carnival, he and his niece, he’s a no show, and Cheyenne is pretty certain he saw him heading in that direction. Jesus is Christ, I hope not, I don’t know, we’re like seven minutes away, you think I want him to be there? His six year old niece was with him, well he show up there call me, well us.  What Sioux say, he think we’re barking up the wrong tree and stuff like that, I told him we hope so you know, I want to call the hotel but I don’t want to put his sister on alarm just yet, that unnecessary worry, well if there’s nothing an hour or so from now, big Sis is going to come looking for us, yeah I know, hey, there’s a detective Lennord, ah constable Lennord any news? What bring the Paris Globe down here? We have a couple missing friends, I hope the hell not, so far we haven’t found one non casualty and only a few bodies yet intact, look like a single bomb, very discreet but design to create maximum damage, there is good Friends, no good news.     >>>”What say we go find your mom? As one kneeling as t groom a better performing  Cadence Nicole, did Ctentri himelf find himself all the better, “your sister, yes, my sister is your mom, what about all that light? I don’t, huh? I thought it was daylight, but it’s something else, what do you see? I see a staircase, I would  like to climb it, a stair behind a strange light in the middle of an exploding railway? There’s Caddy something a bit strange about that don’t you think? So find my parents, bring them here and then we go, we all go together? Ok, I can agree to that, if Caddy it’s still here, if not, it’s just something we’ll have to do the next time we’re on an exploding train, deal? As those who’re to fondly lock their fingers into a pinky swear, did Ctentri  want to get as far from all of it as soon as he could, like take off into a sprint right away hurriedly.   “Those are the first bodies to arrive at the morgue, bombing victims, it a miracles you’re to discover anything significance,” as one pulling a pen and a note pad free. If the Globe wanted his help, he would first need there’s, getting to identify the victims was a good start, “so what are the names of your missing?” Ah a guy in his early twenties, American, model caliber, Ctentri Noah, he had a six year old niece with him and a local acquaintance, female, same age, Kerniston, ah last name? Ahhh,  Ja-obbs, yeah that was it, they would’ve been traveling together,  was supposed to meet us at the Carnival but here we are  instead. I’ll get someone right on it, will let you know what I find out, same here, ah, in case we’re wrong and they turn up ok.  {{{“Sioux here, talking to, that’s what we don’t know, to be honest there are hundreds of places they could be, they haven’t found any survivals within the car that exploded, it’s estimated a hundred plus could be, what, as one turning a listening communicator off at hearing better, was the initial area more and more congested with concern, frighten on lookers, “I couldn’t hear, I just called her inquiring of him, what could that hurt? Ok, ok Apache, you’re right, do that, call me back, we could be stressing over nothing here, literally nothing, not to belittle all those losing their lives, just call me back.”}}} So how’s the wife and kids, to be honest I lost them to the Carnival, it’s where we were headed when I got the call, you know, they’re really careful with security around here, yet it seem this was done with such ease, isn’t that why these groups turn to children and women? I think so, I think that Mr. Deburk is exactly why.” As one wondering, had he did too much, had they, the Paris globe? Did his inquiry make Ctentri more a victim or a suspect or a bit of both? A young male foreigner, a child and a female companion, heck Sioux Noel suddenly wasn’t so sure of Ctentri’s innocence himself.  ‘I think I’ll follow the bodies as eerie Mr. Deburk as that sound, well getting back to the station, I hope you find your missing ok, yeah and you take care of that family, remember, these things always happens in threes.”      >>>”I’m sure Tennyson it’s the same it was the last few times you checked. They’ve set a curfew, I just hope Branch he’s seeing this, I’m hope everyone is seeing this, let’s set at that table, I’m sure you’re to hear from him soon. I don’t understand, why, how is it they kill other people so heartlessly, don’t they know these are people’s children, spouses, parents and loved ones, they’re not Tenny allowed to take any of that into consideration, they can only see them as the enemy, as an enemy that must be revenged upon. How they alone Apache are in the right and we’re all in the wrong, they’ll have their way or kill, even die trying.”          
                         …Doeth The Eagle Mount Up At Thou Command…
                                      Scene XXIII

     “You taste so incredible, sooo, good,” having come into his bed, as he eased off asleep, biting and

licking him, he this sweet, “shhhh, you don’t have to do this for me, I'm not,” tasting the salty tears

on his cheeks, his neck, even his intense swallow, firing as she was all she could do was devour him.

“Rig please, hey, hey, hey, look at me, look at me, I’m wiping it all away to new, with you, with my

Juttah husband.  No ok! Just stop it!” Springing up mightily alarmed along a sit to the side of the bed,

but wasn’t this what he wanted? Regan now frighten instead. “I’m so ashamed, I could scream,  and

have, have screamed, and beaten myself up. I made you afraid, I, ah god, Rig, I can’t believe I lost

control like that. You didn’t, you didn’t baby it was me, it was my fault, your,” feeling her warming

soothing breath on his ear, a chin to his shoulder, her arms, hands, inviting scent all over, under, even

above him. “Don’t you see I need this, I Phearce need new memories, this inconceivable light out of

the dark past, come into your wife, come lets be together at long last. I can’t, I just,” as one pressing

a desperate, fumbling as themselves forward into hers, both this aching lust and cup of dread, “I can’t

bear the thought of hurting you, that you feel threaten or even coerced, it must be Rig exactly what

you want to do. I got to go,” now the one breaking this immeasurable hold, having giving this

nightmare of his explicit thought. ‘Go! Yeah, I got to be at the Weather Center in under just an hour,

Vince being out of town, look I see how you’re looking at me, but you woman is more important than

anything. Than Regan Central Whitehead, anything, I love you so much, that is what my heart will

sing in the shower.  I don’t want to be alone, I know, I know, that’s unfair to you, then come with me,

I can do that? Yeah, you can, there’s a cart, a frig, even Rig a fire place, what about co-workers,  

yeah, them too, ok, you convinced me, I just don’t feel safe, ok,” a now conflicted Phearson did say,

thinking to himself, this was exactly what made him afraid, having foolishly disassembled her

emotionally this way.     >>>Just glancing at her knee high Patten leather booths, the first thing you see when you walk into the morgue, they still had a shine to them and every indication she was ok, she was alright, design straight into her knee length denim skirt and matching black lace, trimmed in denim blue top, her arms laid delicately along both of her side. With the right arms wearing matching bracelets, the first thing to see of her face is her chin, like her arms it’s a bit smutty, into her cheeks. Her closed eyes, that if aunt Tennyson didn’t know better, she would think she was only sleeping, and her long, brown hair, also just as flawless, until your eyes wondered more along her eyes, and you could see the blood paste affecting her hair at the base of her skull where her brain had been ripped out completely by the explosion, that they had yet to find it, the little girl they loved to loved Cadence Nicole afar from six years of memories was  gone, killed instantly. Then, laying just as picturesque on a gurney just beside her, a miracle that they were yet in tack, that they like so many others weren’t rip to pieces or burn to a crisp. So here too her once model caliber brother, Ctentri, they would still be counted with the missing if it’d not been for the Globe inquiring so after them, even a curious Temnyson herself yet caught into a family feud used to having Cadence abducted from her. “This is insane,” as one wiping his nose, his face into the nearest screaming wall, boxing, kicking wall,  fighting,  kicking, punching wall, “to learn I have a daughter only to have her taken from me so suddenly, this is madness, how can God himself expect us to endure this horror? This is pure insanity!”  >>>”Time out, time out you guys it’s Tenny, {{{hello, hey baby, guess what we’re doing, Cad would have so much fun,  so how you guys like France, I mean it’s France right what’s not to like, Mom, please, something, did you guys, ah you need to sit, where’s dad? Dad is right here, he’s covered with snow, we’re all are, that’s, Mom please, something really bad has happen, did you guys hear about the explosion, the train. “Yes,” as one concerningly getting the others attention, bringing them her way, had a snow day of tremendous fun grind to an eerie halt for now. “Ah mom, Ctentri was on that train, he was in that explosion, ah my God, she say Ctentri was on that exploding train, mom, mom my god he didn’t make it, he was killed, killed,” with a light headed mother stumbling into her their father arms away, to siblings Breen and Clair now attending the phone, but did they hear right, something about Ctentri, about him being dead? “Hello, what the hell is going on? How’s mom, where’s mom, Tenny, what is happening, Ctentri is dead? Yes, a bomb on a train, but that can’t, can’t, Clair! Cad!” Hardly having a voice to say, had Branch Vincent for minutes now hardly made a sound, let alone a word, they both knew horrid things like this happen on a regular basis, but it was still so inconceivable that it’s happen to them. To Cadence Nicole.  “Caddy was with him, Cad was with him, so what are you saying, that they’re both dead,” hearing the most deaf defying screams, hollering and crying, even the phone falling to the floor, had Tennyson did the second hardest thing she’d ever done in her life, walking into that room to properly identify her daughter and brother remains was the first hardest thing. Hello, hello, this is not possible, why are you doing this, telling us this? My Christ, you think I want to, I just left out of the morgue Breen, they’re two of over a hundred people who were killed when that bomb exploded, Breen! Look, I know how impossible this is, don’t you think I know how impossible this is, tell mom I love her, dad, all of you, I’ll call back when I know more.”}}} Mom, mom please, here,” handing and helping her with a drink of water along a wipe of tears getting down, what a lifelong dream turn worse than a nightmare, you can awaken from a nightmare, and indeed Branch Vincent had, but not now, not now at all. “I’m sorry I couldn’t do that for you, you’re here with me, I don’t think, no I know I couldn’t do this without you. Just how did you Tenny become so brave? That’s a credit I can’t take, won’t take, ah my god, all I can think about is, what if we’d not come, what if I’d not gotten that leave, and that warning how everyone going about a normal, everyday life can just forget it. I’m sorry what, what does, still, none of that Vince has anything to with it because death is everywhere and have an incalculable means to perform itself. My lord, I’m so frighten, I feel glued to this seat, I don’t think I can ever move from this spot, but you can, how will you ever join. How will we ever join Caddy, even Ctentri, if we don’t move from this spot, now Branch whose the Brave one? You think they’re in heaven right now? Yes, I do and to join them Tenny we must get through this, we must, only their remains are here, yeah, I bet she’s climbing that staircase right now, staircase, yeah, the one in heaven, where she saw kids playing down and all around it, wait, she saw that? Yeah, a few days passed.”

                                              …And Make Her Nest On High…
                                                                Scene XXIII

“Excuse me, you’re climbing in through the window but you and dad have an understanding and what’s the name of that bridge across town you’re to sell me as well? Just keep it down,” clearing his feet just right, at arriving in the shared with his younger brother Kylpe room, Herenton couldn’t believe the lengths he’d been brought to regarding this single female in particular. “I pray Joslyn appreciate all that you do to disrespect her father’s wishes, there is no disrespect here, only my brother as you tell yourself that, she’s dating you against both her mother and father wishes, how is it not disrespecting them? Then have you even considered what you’re to do about being relocated to New Africa, have you guys even discussed it? Of course we’ve discussed it, sometimes Kay, it’s all we talk about, I won’t leave without her, she know that. We’re going to marry and when we do, there’s no preventing us, no reason Kylpe to keep us apart, marry, you’re talking the Juttah vows right? Right and you, what about you, what about Sophia, are you going to just abandon her? I don’t  know if I’m ready for marriage and what Henry will soon follow, parenthood, have you even considered that? Yes, though what else Kay is there, we’re entering into a life, where that most neglected is now superior, and that thought superior, that the American Dream made us think was superior is now dwindling or grinding down to nothing, to complete blackness and uselessness, to have a mate, to take a mate and cherish that mate was always first thing, always.”     >>>”You look worry, did you hear about that train explosion? I did, what you think there’s reason for concern, when I, well, I haven’t been able to reach either of them for a whole day now, I’m tempted to call the Globe,  see if I can reach Ctentri, I mean my concern is legitimate, over a hundred people Rig was killed, hey,  you get no argument here, call the Globe, I’ll try reaching Vince once more and then look, you ok, you was really talking in your sleep, you know how you know you dream something really, really important, but for the life of you, you can’t remember? That’s life isn’t it, well you remember what I said, it was something about a person named Sophia, pray, tell, Sophia, and the letter or the name Kay, I don’t know, like I said, I know I dreamed, but what, I’ll pray about it as usual, hope they reveal it as need be, and on that note, I’m going to shower, by shower you mean bath? So you’ve noticed, I understand, just as long as you know I’m here with you and I won’t let anything like that happen to you ever again, I know you won’t. Look, I’ve been meaning to ask you, can I take this with me, this bedroom, can I carve it out somehow and have it shipped home? “Of course then we’ll need a mansion to put it in right, hey,” catching her just as she‘s to enter the luxury bath, being there was like being on an episode of the lives of the rich and famous, “don’t tempt me, yeah, yeah Mr. McPhearson because you can afford it right.”     >>>{{{Vince here, were in Christ name have you been? Vince? As a curious one heeding an eerie pause, that in the distant highlighted even more concerning sounds, sirens even, did it cause Phearson McPhearson to be all the more alarmed. “I’ve been here, at the policing station, ah, the worse that you could imagine Vince has happen, like, what, what are you not telling me? Ctentri and baby Caddy, they’re both, um dead, dead, my Christ did you say dead, what is going on?” s one filling up, over of teary emotion at backing away horribly into a seat at fixing his eyes on the door an unknowing Regan Central was locked behind, what a horrid tale to tell her indeed, “What is happen? How is this, the train, the explosion, He, Caddy and a friend, a Kerniston were all on, they were traveling to the carnival and my god Phearce, they’re gone, we just left the morgue and they’re gone, they’re no more in this place. So I haven’t answered my phone because I been trying to figure a way you know, to ah, tell you, yeah, to tell you, Phearce,” wiping his face with one hand, to say he and Tennyson, were lost, this was something far more sinister than being mentally dislocated, way more. “I’m here, of course I’m, here, you need me to be here and I’m here, although if you Vince need I can get there as well , Rig and I both, no, no, I don’t know how much longer Tenny and I are going to be here, so we’ll just meet you guys at home, ah, in America, ah New York, that home.  I better go, see if I can get Tenny to eat something, well us both, I’d made plans to propose marriage, but now with all of this, you know, I don’t know, hey but you will, you will know and it’ll be perfect you’ll see, call me, you know, when you want to talk some more, call me”

                               …She Dwelleth And Abideth On The Rock…
                                                       Scene XXIV

      “We say the Juttah vows, consummate those covenant vows, I’m with husband and child there is then Becca nothing they can do,  I don’t know whether that’s Ludacris or genius. I mean Joslyn you really have to be positive, there is no going back, no changing your mind. I know, I’ve considered all of that, so Becca so much could go wrong, but it won’t, Henry and I are not being foolish, but wise, Holy Spirt wise.  I want to be his wife for as long as that is, and he my husband and this is the only way. If my parents were believers they would more than understand, but they’re not, I thought your parents believed in God, yea, but not enough to live and design their wills to coincide with his, a lot of people Becca believe in God, but not enough to live for Him which is Jesus Christ.  So how you like this one? To be honest I like the design of the last dress, but the color of this one, I like this color as well, I think this is the one, the future Mrs. Joslyn Rachel Lowd will be wearing this dress. Herenton is a fourth generation, will you the future Mrs. Lowd keep with tradition and name your first son Herenton as well? We haven’t really discussed it but whatever he’s to like I guess, it won’t matter to me one way Becca or another, I’ll have what I want, I’ll have Herenton.”     >>>”That was Phearce, I think I regretted telling him more than anyone,  they say three days, they can have their remains back into the states in three days, much sooner than I thought, you? Ah, yes, I thought it would take longer, so we’re free to leave whenever, I’ll call the airways and see how soon, what will you do? I don’t under, everything is changed now right,  a daughter Branch and a brother suddenly dead, I should say things changed is an understatement. “Then,” as one sadden horribly into a seat a fear strangled him of her, not only the dreadfulness they were yet to digest, but that he would lose her we well.  “I am still uncertain about Kyler, I didn’t mean it that way of course, we made plans did we not? You want to know if I will be your wife, there’s only one way you’re to know that, you will have to ask me. I’m tired, I think I’ll go to my room and see if I can rest, well I think you should eat something first.  We can have something brought up, I don’t think I can, or even if I should and if Caddy could somehow Tenny comment, ah if that little lady was here, we would be having her favorite chicken noddle soup, accented by cheese toast, and to drink? To drink, lemon aid, what else? Good, then we’ll have whatever Caddy would have if she was here, and for breakfast if we’re yet here, we’ll have whatever Ctentri would have if he was here. The bombers are not going to like that,  they’re not Branch going to like that at all, good, the last thing I want is to please them, is to allow them any glory in our misery, only the Supreme alone, only the Supreme alone I t have the glory here, just what glory is that, that Kyler of the grave remember, death were is thy sting, grave where thy glory? Superb, that’s what Branch Vincent is, why my daughter was so awesome, her Superb father.”  <<<”Tyson Wells, you like him enough to marry him? I think Kay that’s love, and yes, I love him enough to marry him, so when are you going to introduce this ideal to father? The Night of the Promise, just as you will of Sophia, so what do you know? I know Kay she is the one you like the most, that if you was to consider marriage, there is none other.  How is it sister that you know? I just do, I’m off to help mom with dinner, it is my time, you best join dad and Henry and make sure he understand your plans for including her, he said one night, we don’t know which night, we will grab our belongings and be gone, he, he, dad told you that? No, he told Momma and momma told me, he has been commanded by God we will leave this nation, I know it, so if you’re to seal her Kylpe now is this time, delay will be futile, now go, go, you’re holding me up.  That’s just it Henry, I don’t know if we want our son to be part of a family who doesn’t want him, I think I’ve decided, if we’re to go, I want to take Sophia Harrison with me.  Just like that Kay, you feel free to take someone’s daughter, the both of you, you Henry as well?  The chances they will see them again is remote, father, mother please,  don’t worry my sons, we will visit both houses, we will persuade them our way and all will be well concerning this matter from this time farther. Now Henry, please.  I told your mother I would do a salad, father you are certain? I’m certain I promised your mother, it will be a waste land, for whatever vain joy, gladness and gain it awarded the people will be cast upon them a bitterness double or triple it’s worth, much sorrow approaches, it is as seeded in her soil as the weight of blood guiltiness, now I got to help your mother.”     >>>”I told you, yes, you did, I’ve never glided up stairs before, you are spirit now my uncle, you have no use for legs, I’ve never seen a place like this, you should, it’s where your spirit was born, born? Originated, it is the place where spirits return to their Maker, there’s lots of sadness there, it can’t be helped, the lost of a loved one is one of the greatest suffering of all and little one even more so when it is a child. Will I be able to see them now? To see them and visit them and uncle? Uncle is busy about Abba’s business, you will see him soon enough, but he knows, that we are no longer of the earth, earthly? He knows and what he know give him joy down in his heart, priceless joy.  Auntie so wanted that I am her daughter, that I am their first born, you are their first born, nothing will change that, they’re detoured now, as the Supremes will, now his as well as there’s will be done.  I dare lord not ask of Kerniston, the bomer? It is a sad day that she allowed herself to be cuckolded this way, if only dear Lord she’d meet uncle sooner perhaps, perhaps, peace be still where she is concern, a book will be open, and yet another book, one of life and all of the dead small be judged, and all the dead small and great.”

                                                 …Upon The Crag Of The Rock…
                                                               Scene XXV

     “My word mother I can’t tell you how stunning this dress,” don by a red sailor dress, trimmed in white with large white buttons accenting, white laced shocks, with red dress shoes, to say Caddy was beautiful was ashamed seeming it was all to bury her by, even that her dressed white uncle accenting they did indeed look their best, that despite dying such horrible deaths, they could be presented to family and friends by way of open caskets. “You have to give your sister her credit, I was against it while she was her most persistent, I love you mother so much and I baby doll you, and I you. I’ll check on dad and him Tenny, Caddy’s dad, he has shown himself most faithful, he will mother ask for my hand in marriage and will you sweetheart give it to him? I think, no I know it’s what Cad would want, I know he would be a perfect match I have no doubt, not a one? I will see you soon mother, very well.     >>>”Uncle, I wondered mightily of you, even here, in the ancient throne, especially here, not many come here, remember you are the one uncle which told me that, yes, while my very soul was in jeopardy, if Branch Vincent had not been true and faithful at telling me the truth, and I’d not sacrificed my will for the Supremes. Lets just say sweet one, I shutter to imagination, yes even these glorious beyond joy unspeakable places, I shutter, place your hand here uncle and shutter no more.”      >>>”I read recently of America’s betrayal as though this is some horrid thing, as though they don’t realize unless America like all world nations are betrayed for the ruination they are we cannot walk in the complete fulfillment of the Revelations of Jesus Christ.  Of the lamentation’s of Moses’ Egypt or King Nebuchadnezzar’s image, no, the most important and unfortunate betrayal is that of the cross of Jesus Christ, the continuous turning of the truth of God into trusted fables. We’re talking about the end time choice between the love of two Gods, one we’re to love the other we’re to hate, one we’re to cling to the other we’re to despise. One we’re to lift up that all the world is to honor and the other we’re to cast down among the rocks and ruins of our most celebrated atrocities. Don’t be deceived, every act of Tierney, of government to religious prosecution is a final attempt to silence the Gospel Truth that Jesus died to set us free from a bondage of sin.  One even from our father’s loins and our mother’s womb, crying aloud for thousands of years now repent ye! Whom do we chose, what is our solution, America’s betrayal (reveal) or the Cross of Christ, conceal (confinement)? He that save his life shall lose it, but he that lose his life for my sake, shall gain it forever more? So say, (J)esus (C)hrist (O)f (N)azareth.  Wow, making her leave with the others unto the burial of a deceased horribly daughter and brother, there was nothing more painful than losing a loved one, or was there simply nothing like pain? “I’ve never heard a funeral preached like that, yes, it was perfect to remind us who we are in Christ Jesus and more importantly who our enemy is, the very heart beating in our breast which doesn’t worship God, Jesus Christ as Lord. Who was she? She was of the Tribe, the tribe, you mean the Deburk Tribe, I thought they were all males, yes, well, she isn’t just of the tribe, she is their spiritual leader in every sense and none sense of the description. “You’re talking Maaseiah?” With astonishing eyes of hers filling with tears at the very reveal that one of God’s living, walking revelation was in their midst.  “It was Ctentri, right that’s how the Tribe, the Maaseiah made an appearance, you Tennyson pay them too much honor, as one not that far from her at preparing a plate, something to drink, thing had gone better than expected. “I know them, they would not like it, remember the messenger described in Revelation John went to bow to? And he was caution no, to do it not, as the person assisting him was one of his brethren messengers, to instead worship God, no they will see such honor only as vainglory, you are right, I’m sorry who are you? I’m Medicine Bow and I’m very please to meet the family of this young believer, Ctentri, to feel her hand on mine, even her neck to my neck and dampen cheek to mine. The honor,” coming off a gracious hug to him, did she not realize the one even speaking with them, visiting and eating, that’s breaking bread with them was of the Juttah Tribe. The famous Juttah Vows originated with them or so was rumored. “Is truly mine. I’m to say we’re sorry for your lost and are most gracious for your sacrifice, may the Supreme alone be glorified as He alone is worthy of all acceptation, all I assure you, that even when death is all around us, as assuredly it is, He is our peace.  So can you Medicine Bow, wait a minute, how old are you? I am yet to be nineteen, I bet you get that a lot, I do, and will you young sir be staying with us like forever? Now how often Mr. Deburk do you get that? Not as often I assure you, may we?” As to take Tennyson arm for leading her away, was Medicine Bow Sign such a pristine fellow and expert spirit, heart, even model caliber in appearance, that something that young and gorgeous would be literally on fire and expertly combustible of spirit and truth. “You must know, your brother, as so your Caddy have both died good deaths, a blessed death for despite the millions upon millions of attested upon inheritance it is a very rare thing, a very unlikely thing that one is to actually die having it’s heart ruled by the Lamb’s blood of life,” standing aside her gazing into a stellar heavens seeming to himself have a radiating light bursting from every article of his body, if he yet had a body, Medicine Bow Sign was truly like his Lord a replenishing light of life.  “Yes, blessed are the dead that die in the Lord Jesus but also is it rare, strait being the path leading to him, and Broadway being the way the majority travel.  Hi, hello, I’m Bronze Coten, please to meet you and I’m here to, ah, Lion say it’s time, a plane to catch and all. Well I’ve been invited to stay, like forever, excuse me I’m, it’s my fault, don’t want to face the realities of tomorrow and all. I thought his living here, being a Deburk and all could actually help and you are so not laughing, sorry, I hallucinated there.  You know, how kind of fond it would be if Bow there like relocated, like a Joseph, you know at selling him into slavery sort of vibe, ah I’m standing right here, like ah, I know that. Really finding them as funny as they were serious, Tennyson had to admit having them around did put death and dying in the right perspective that whosoever die in Christ, shall live again forever. “Like thanks for the invite, but we just can’t break up the tribe, not as yet, ok well, Godspeed and thank you, please come again, please, wow, they are so amazing, yeah in every respect, I heard that little pun, how clever, ah, everyone is readying to the, the ah, you know get out, away, to wherever, whatever, my greatest regret, will you stay with me, ah just the night, I don’t want to, you, I know, neither so I, and so yes, I’ll be glad to.”    

 Unto Herenton Egan Lowd III and Kyefer Berlyn Nollel was born their first son Herenton Egan Lowd IV, a second son Kylpe Elfin Lowd and a daughter Kegan Berlin Nollel              

                                                         …And The Strong Place

                                                                 Scene XXVI

     “Just be honest father and tell us what you think, it is better than we take wives or wait to be possibly joined to someone there? I can tell you for certainty to face this decision at your age I never would’ve left your mother, I would have risked everything, even my life before I Ieft her behind, thank you dad,” gripping one hand, with a saluting hand to his dad’s shoulder, those piercing eyes to dad’s eyes, was this exactly what Herenton needed to hear, even brother Kylpe, they wouldn’t leave without the women that they loved. “I know what you’re about to do, I won’t try and stop you, but you know you got your sister just as wired up about all of this, I think father you’re to know how Noah must of felt, yeah, well good comparison, Noah had all sons.  If you’re asking dad what I think? I believe Keke know what she’s doing, that you can trust this guy, this guy? Ty, ah Tyson Wells, I don’t know, I think dad you do know, you just don’t want to, you know, accept, you damn right, she’s barely sixteen, and this guy as you say, I don’t know him from Adam! What I know dad is that he’s really crazy about Keke, I think he’ll do her well, I know son you have to go, but have either of you considered what you gonna do once either of them become home sick, there’s no coming back here, do they fully understand? Goodnight dad, thanks, I love you, we love you and I’ll see you and mom later, ok, son, but make it an early night, we have a lot of stocking up to do, I will dad, Ky and I both.      >>>”You nervous about tomorrow, about meeting with the Lowds? Aren’t you? I could Phearce ask  you the same thing,” seeing he’s to move off quite perturbed at her inquiry, did Regan Central know this would be the hardest thing they’re to do, with her having literally aching doubt.  “You know Rig no one is forcing you right? You can change your mind, to be honest I’m more concern about going under and what’s that to reveal as far as Rome is concern, I could Phearce be a good or an enemy of a witness. To be honest, I don’t believe Rig you’re going to remember anything other than what Rome testified, it just all make sense, Herenton for reasons we don’t understand snapped, he paid horribly for it and here we are Rig trying to maintain this sane existence through it all.     >>>”Lets talk, talk Celeste about what? what is the hope of the saint? Glancing into a starry late night sky, there was this strange inquiry on his mind, even his tongue now blurted out so, strange because it was o unlike him.  “That Rome just as we’re standing here glancing into the sky, into the heaven at him, that they’re standing right there darling looking and wondering just as curiously of us, of all of us, just like us awaiting the Supreme’s throne on earth.”  You really believe that don’t you, every second of every word, and you, what an unusual inquiry, well you babe, didn’t just lose a brother like friend to hell’s fire. You can’t just assume he’s lost, that Henry’s lost, cant I,” shuffling teasingly into a patio seat, bringing a concern wife Celestra alone with him, such was the dreaded conversation. “The hope for me for a dying Rome, especially those who’ve known Christ and botched it so is that they use the little time of consciousness, of grace they have left to repent, I mean at least I Rome, well we can hope.”     >>>My heavens what was that, was that a scream!” It was, that was a scream!” With all of them being startled literally out of their seats thus was the evidence the drilling of Regan Central by way of hypnosis had obvious began, that she was actually, mentally, even physically reliving the horrors of that so dreaded night.  “My god what are they doing to her in there, Andy, Dr. Coogan told us to expect such, we got to get through this for her, for  us all, I can’t do this,  I thought I could but I can’t, I’ll be in the lounge, should I come with, please, if you don’t mind, wait, I think we’re coming too, South, no, I’ll be ok, we’ll, we’ll be ok, as one wiping just under his right eye, left to say, did loving wife Muzit move in a bit closer, even to the taking of an emotional South Le hand.  “Well if you can take it, I guess I can, we could North go and finish her place, get the rest of her things, you know since she doesn’t want to, I mean since we’re  here, that sound good, we’ll just that, yeah see you guys later.  Look, there’s Phearce, hey you guys, how long you been here? Ah since it al began, we heard the screams is she alright, yes, she’s alright, the babe too, by the way did she tell, you? Ah god, I better not say anything, you mean about possibly giving Herenton’s parents custody onced the babe is born? My god, she did tell you, well she asked what did we think, each of us,  and, I mean if you don’t mine me asking? We all Phearce seem to agree, it’s a really good ideal, that if she’s to make that manner of sacrifice, we want to support her completely.    

To Be Continued

     For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12.  From Beast of Beauty fea. Meshullum Kadesh. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, by Patricia A. Bradford, The Rising Above Ministry, (RAM) © Copyright 1992-2014 By: R.A.M., ALL RIGHTS RESERVERED.

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